Sega to let fans mod Mega Drive games on Steam

Fans will soon be able to customise and change classic Sega Mega Drive games on the PC, via a special ‘90s bedroom interface.

Mega Drive emulators and game re-releases aren’t exactly a new idea, but the Mega Drive Classics hub on Steam is planning to do something very different with mods.

As well as featuring a library of classic games, with updated controller and keyboard support, fans will be encouraged to change and modify the games themselves.

Sega is usually pretty hardline about fan-made projects, especially unofficial remakes, but this seems to be a softening of their usual position.

What’s also great is the ‘virtual bedroom’ you access everything from, which is made up to look like it’s just stepped out of the early ‘90s – complete with Revenge Of Shinobi posters and ready-to-be-drawn curtains.

The hub is set to go live next Thursday, April 28 and all you need to access it is to buy one of the games, including ones already on Steam.

All the games are £1.99 at the moment, but there are several bundles that include everything from coin-op conversions Golden Axe and Altered Beast to the likes of Gunstar Heroes, Streets Of Rage II, and, of course, Sonic The Hedgehog.

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