Art of Tom Bancroft, Vol. 1 book

Hello, I'm Tom Bancroft.  This Kickstarter project is so I can print my "Art of Tom Bancroft, Vol. 1" book and ship it to you.  

This is a simple project, but one I've been wanting to do for some time now.  It will feature mostly full page art illustrations by me and colored by industry professionals Jeremiah Skipper (most of them), but also by Joe Spadaford, me, Chuck Vollmer and Jesse Heagy. With some sketches sprinkled in there also.  Most of the content are fan drawings, commissions, or "for fun" drawings I've done over the last couple years.  A few might by favorites of mine from a little farther back than that.  I want this to feel like the "ultimate" Tom Bancroft art book.  If you've enjoyed my artwork on Instagram (tombancroft1), DeviantArt, or other places over the years, I think you'll like this book.

My background is character design and traditional animation- mostly with Disney Feature Animation.  I worked on many of the classic Disney films of the 90s (Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Tarzan, Mulan, and Brother Bear to name a few) but also worked on Veggietales,, and other properties for Marvel, DC, Archie comics and more.  In my 30 year career I've also illustrated many children's books, created comic books and worked on video games too.  You've seen little pieces of me all over the place and probably didn't know it.  Additionally, I've written two perennial art instruction books: "Creating Characters with Personality" and "Character Mentor" that are the #1 best selling books on the subject of Character Design and are used as text books at art schools around the world.  Much of those artistic influences will be in this book in some way. 

My goal is to keep this Kickstarter simple: It's about creating this book.  The artwork for the book is finished, the graphic design/page layout is already in process and the printer in China is Global PSD, whom I've worked with before on my Opposite Forces" graphic novel.  They do excellent work.  I do have some REWARD tiers for artwork that is either already in the book or might be if we reach a later Milestone goal, so that artwork is already completed, so you should have nothing to fear concerning this project not getting finished or being delayed.  

WHERE WILL THE MONEY GO?  That's easy- about 70-75% goes to paying to get the books printed.  Another 15% goes to shipping supplies for the books (along with additional shipping costs in the Reward tiers themselves).  Lastly, about 8-10% is allocated for Kickstarter fees and about 3% for my graphic designer.  There is NOTHING in this for me besides a few left over books (I hope!) that I can sell at a later date.  IF we go beyond the asking amount, I hope to get some of my work/expenses/time paid for, but I do not expect it.  (My wife would like that though.)  I also hope to put some more of that back into the books by adding Milestone Goals (more pages!) as we go.  

Let's do this!  

Thank you for considering backing and supporting this Kickstarter!  I need you to help me make this book project a reality.  -Tom Bancroft

Here's more information about the REWARD TIERS:

Below are examples of The Art of Tom Bancroft book, the "Superhero Sketchbook" PDF, the Tom Bancroft "Sketches" PDF, the Spidey and Supergirl prints (combined in this image, but they are separate prints), and the Opposite Forces graphic novel.  (All are not to scale.)  



For the Original Mermaid Artwork Reward (LIMITED TO 10):

You get one of these 8.5"x11", hand drawn and inked on bristol board original art pieces by Tom Bancroft.  All have been pre-made for this Kickstarter and for his first-ever #MerMay Instagram event (where artists will post mermaid drawings every day in the month of May).  These images will be seen the world around via Instagram.  Own one of these originals AND get the book AND the Sketches PDF.  (NOTE: It is artists' discretion on who will get which Mermaid piece, you can REQUEST one or say which one you DO NOT want, but artist will have final decision, to make things as fair as possible.)

"40 Days Introduction To Character Design Course" By Tom Bancroft

This is an exciting PREMIERE of a new, extensive course made available through this Kickstarter FIRST.  Hit the video above for details, but here is what is included in print form:

-6 week program designed to teach the fundamentals of character design

-3 BRAND NEW instructional videos each week for you to build the foundation you need to create great designs

-Daily sketch prompts to get you in the habit of continuous improvement and stretching your skills

-Exclusive area to post/ share sketches and assignments with class peers and Tom Bancroft

-3 LIVE (and recorded) art reviews of class work with Tom Bancroft (with Q and A in each) spread out over the 6-week cour

-Exclusive Industry Pro interviews on Character design (including Tomm Moore, Skottie Young, Mark Henn, Guy Gilchrist and more)

- Start date will be announced later, but it will be before the end of the year!


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