Mirror's Edge Catalyst free-runs into June as DICE looks to improve online features

Developer will also use the time to address closed beta feedback this week

Faith is staging her truimphant return in Mirror's Edge Catalyst, but fans will need to just a litte bit longer as the sequel has been delayed to June 7th for North America and June 9th in Europe. Developer DICE admits it needs a little more time to polish the game, previously scheduled for a May launch.

Design director Erik Odeldahl explains in a official blog post today that his team will be making some last minute fixes to the game's "Social Play" online features, as well as possibly address player feedback from the closed beta that starts tomorrow.

This may suggest that there's a chance the developer will refine Catalyst's new progression-based system that was leaked last week, requiring players to acquire XP to unlock in-game abilities. Some these abilities are tied to Faith's free-running and parkour skills that players could perform in the first game without any sort of XP grinding required, so you can see how many fans were taken by surprise by the news. We'll see how things pan out on this front!

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