Games Inbox: Do you think Battleborn will be a hit?

If GC’s source is to be believed – that both upgraded consoles will be pushing 4K resolution – they’re not going to be cheap. Then there’s the small matter of ventilation, because I’d imagine that kind of processing power will produce considerable heat inside the small form factor of a console. PlayStation 4 already struggles in that regard. And since Microsoft have been keen to push 60fps after losing out to resolution, I’d be surprised to see Spencer abandon the emphasis on frame rate.

But then I’m inclined to think Microsoft will be keen to outdo their rival in technology terms, which is likely their main motivation behind a refresh. I don’t think resolution will be the only aspect they focus upon either, with HDR (High Dynamic Range) being the latest industry standard. And to be fair, it does have a significant impact on contrast and colour production, so the potential benefit for gaming is obvious (Nintendo games especially).

Like a football manager who inherits a team, Spencer will be keen to put his own stamp on Xbox, and who can blame him after the farce he was left with. Pleasing existing owners, while enticing back some of those gamers who abandoned Xbox for PlayStation 4 is going to be his biggest challenge.

GC: Although we don’t think our source is lying that doesn’t mean what he said is true, which is why we haven’t used it as a news story.

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