Free The Nipple Music Video

BOOBS WILL DESTROY THE WORLD! Just kidding. With this song and music video, I am trying to make people more aware of the sexist restrictions women face.

Between the 1910s and 1940s, American men overcame the laws that prevented them from going topless in public. 75 years later, women are fighting for the same right. 

Matt Griffo wrote the song "Free The Nipple" based on the widespread campaign of the same name. Women being treated unequally every day needs to stop. And the awareness of those issues is one step in that process.

We’re at our tits end with this unnecessary oppression of women’s bodies. Griffo wanted to address this social issue with humor and music; to reach people and to help them see that exposed breasts aren't going to make society collapse - as some male politicians have claimed. 

It's absurd that women are discriminated against while breast-feeding in public, and that women can't sunbathe or just walk around topless. We're using music and comedy to show how ridiculous it is that American women can't take their shirt off without getting angry comments or even arrested. Women's breasts are viewed as sex organs. We believe that nipples should only be sexy when the person they’re attached to is feeling sexy.

“It’s not just about getting an even tan,” Matt McGorry from the show “Orange Is the New Black” wrote. “It’s one piece of the puzzle of creating deep change in the way our society objectifies women and creates these different standards for men and women (and other genders).”

The Free The Nipple campaign has done so much for women's rights and we're continuing their fight with this song. 

This isn't about sexuality, it's about equal rights for human beings. It's about humans equally being free with their bodies without worrying about being policed. A man without a shirt on a hot summer day is commonplace now, and having a female body should not take away that freedom to walk around topless. We have a long way to go and this is just the nip of the iceberg.

If female boobs could have the same status as male boobs in the media, they would be just another body part. Instead of being either sexy or inappropriate, they could also be: funny, sweaty, boring, feeding a child, cold, warm, or uninteresting. (Cited from about-face)

Maybe you listen to punk rock, top 40, or Mozart. Maybe you will LOVE my music or maybe you won’t. What we can promise you is that we will work to make the music as killer as possible. A song that gets people thinking about women’s rights issues.

You can listen to a demo of the song here.

This music video will go to the visual extreme. It's going to show the inequality and make you laugh about it. Women and men walking with black bars over their chests. Women wearing Ta Ta Tops and men wearing bikini tops marching down the streets of Chicago. Cops arresting breastfeeding women while someone down the street is getting mugged. And because we're still in the planning stages, your ideas are welcome as well!

Girls just wanna have fun-damental human rights - so let's keep pushing culture towards equality. 

We'll be shooting the video in June/July in Chicago if we make our minimum funding goal.

It's time for our federal government to update the rule book. Protests, walks, art, and "sexy" Abraham Lincoln all promote progress toward equality.

Even with our campaign goal of $3,000, we're still covering most of the costs ourselves. 3k is the bare breasted minimum we need to put everything together.

Free The Nipple makes a statement and together we will make this music video great. We’ve been on nips and needles to finish this project.

Not measured in dollars but by how many people join us. Even $1 pledges count. And I need your help to get the word out.

Here's what will happen if we get to...

500 backers: We'll make a behind-the-scenes documentary of the Free The Nipple music video! 

1,000 backers: We'll design a commemorative graphic of the Kickstarter campaign that you can print on anything you want (t-shirt, poster, coffee mug, etc). 

This sounds like we're not serious about this, but because of the politicians that have warned that exposed breasts will cause society to collapse. Furthering the absurdity of that idea, what if exposed breasts shot laser beams and could destroy entire cities? Well, we could do that, if this campaign goes above the $6,000 mark. The extra funds would enable us to hire a motion graphics designer.

Although we've put together a fun range of backer rewards - $1 all the way up to $4,000 - there may be some of you who are CRAZY RICH who would like to put more money towards the project. SO: for you more invest-y types that step-forward as high-level patrons, I’m willing to work with you on something you are interested in. A show for a cause you love, creating some type of art or covering a song. Performing at your festival. We can chat and figure it out.

We're currently recording in the studio, putting the tracks together. 

We'll try to not get arrested in the process. 

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