Black Suit of Death The Series - Issue #1

Black Suit of Death is a comic book series mixing horror and sci-fi with a healthy dose of twisted humor. We are raising funds to complete production for Issue #1 (see preview below) of the ongoing series written by Benjamin J. Kreger and Edward Ellsworth, featuring the art of Dexter Wee (Cura Te Ipsum, Patriot-1) with colors by Bryan Arfel Magnaye, cover art by Brett Weldele (Surrogates, Parriah, The Hammer Trinity) and a Bonus comic, Li'l BSD by Fred Hembeck (Petey)!

Roughly ten thousand years ago, on the planet Utopia IX, a scientist was tasked with fixing an energy crisis caused by overpopulation. His solution was the Black Suit of Death (B.S.D.), a suit of armor that enabled the one wearing it to harvest the life energy of those unworthy of Utopia.

The Utopian government didn't care for the good doctor's solution and exiled him and the B.S.D. to the only place in the galaxy fitting for such a destructive creation... Earth!

Once on Earth, the B.S.D. passed from one pilot to another throughout history, creating in it's wake a mythos around Death giving rise to the legends told of the Grim Reaper.

We begin our tale within a friendly gaming session of D&D. A young college student, Edd Grimes, is about to have a really, really bad day...

To Be Continued...
                                    ...and that's why we're here! With major costs such as the Cover and Hembeck's Li'l BSD already covered, we're here seeking funds to finish the interior art of this, our first Issue of Black Suit of Death!

We’re certainly not the first to write about a personification of death, and we certainly won’t be the last. So what’s so special about this comic? 

We aren’t trying to concoct some explanation for how a supernatural Grim Reaper might function, or how an afterlife might work, etc. Instead, we’re giving a sci-fi spin to the origin of the myth, rather than trying to validate the myth as something real. 

Throughout the series we’ll be delving into stories about how the Black Suit of Death has played an important role in history, and inspired other myths and legends beyond just that of the Grim Reaper. 

The Black Suit of Death approaches tragedy with humor. We’ll be dealing with some serious issues, but our goal is always to keep it fun. But don't take our word for it, we've had the prelude book, The Black Suit of Death: Ides of March reviewed!

“There’s a definite sense of good, solid play here, with a myriad influences and genres jumbling together like a kid playing with many different licensed properties’ LEGO sets, where anything is possible.”   - Erik Cheski Fanboy Comics

“... the humor lifts the book up and adds a sprinkle of flair to the series.”  - Jordan Cruz The Pulp

“...a unique, original story that’s very fun and wacky, with more bubbling underneath the surface than you might expect.” - Kieran Fisher Bloodbath and Beyond

The goal is divided as such:

Any overages will go toward the costs of future issues, additional print for conventions costs and Stretch Goal Rewards.

I couldn't be more pleased or excited to be working with the incredible talent behind this project. But you don't have to take my word for it...

Writer - Edward Ellsworth grew up watching Star Wars and listening to Weird Al. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and 2 dogs.

Edward popped into existence out of thin air 25 minutes ago with a fully fleshed out back story, none of which is particularly interesting.

Kreger has spent the last 7 years writing, lettering, and publishing comics under the imprint Warrior Innkeeper Creative (formally Warrior Innkeeper Comics). BLACK SUIT OF DEATH #1 will represent his 20th comic, so it's kind of a big deal. Ben has written in many genre's and for many age groups.

Wee is a self-taught artist from Zamboanga City, Philippines.

Having been introduced to comic books at an early age by his late father, Dexter dreamed of becoming an artist, but that was set aside after graduating college to work various jobs to help support his family. Fortunately God smiled on Dexter and mid 2007 he was given the opportunity to work on an independent comic project which led to several others including the ongoing webcomic CURA TE IPSUM, graphic novels such as SWERVE and the Award Winning PATRIOT-1, and the anthology books OUTLAW TERRITORY Vol. 3 and TALES OF THE STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN.

From Manila Philippines Magnaye Majored in the college of Arts and Designs, and he also attended Glasshouse seminars and animation studios. He started working as a comicbook colorist in 2012, his first job was coloring a cover from Godsend Comicbook Publishing. Since, he's worked for several publishers including Zenescope Entertainment, Advent Comics, Outbreak Comics and others.

Black Suit of Death is his first work for Warrior Innkeeper Creative.

Weldele is an Eisner-nominated comic book painter and New York Times Bestselling Author. He has been published by nearly every major comic book publisher in the US, and is available in several languages around the world. Probably best known for co-creating the hit comic book THE SURROGATES, which was adapted into the 2009 film starring Bruce Willis. Brett enjoys working on his own projects like SPONTANEOUS and THE LIGHT as well as commercial gigs like HALLOWEEN, SE7EN, 28 DAYS LATER and SOUTHLAND TALES.

His recent projects include working with Shrek producer Aron Warner on PARIAH for Dark Horse Comics and a yet unannounced sci-fi series due out in 2015.

Weldele also has a craft product line, THE ART OF BRETT WELDELE through Stampers Anonymous which includes rubber stamps and stencils.

Taken from

I'm a cartoonist by trade, and this here is my website!

Since the tail end of the seventies, I've had my work published professionally by such diverse firms as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Fantaco Enterprises, First Comics, Krause Publications, Fantagraphics Books, Eclipse Enterprises, Topps Comics, Two Morrows Publications, Archie Comics-the list isn't exactly endless, but well, you get the idea. You're probably thinking, this guy's sure had a lot of experience-either that, or he flat out can't hold onto a job!? Or maybe a little of both…

We've had a lot of fun writing this story and creating the universe it is a part of, but for me, it's been a little more than that. With the main character of EDD, though an amalgam of personalities of the writers, there is a singular trait we have in common, Mental Illness. We live with Depression and P.T.S.D. For me, more than any thing else I've written, Black Suit of Death is my personal comic therapy, if you will.

I want to ask of you, those who may be battling such a demon on your own, Please reach out and ask for help. I know it isn't easy. I've been there. I live there... As a Veteran, I wanted to be tough and handle it on my own, I did so with near disastrous results. I've come to realize strength and courage come from asking for help, not tackling the mountain by oneself. Help is available and recovery is possible.

Reach out to family, friends, or call one of the numbers below.

After all, this wonderful, crazy comic wouldn't exist if I hadn't gotten the help I needed (neither would my two beautiful baby boys!) You have something to contribute to the world, You Have VALUE :)

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