Games Inbox: Are you getting price out of nsole gaming?

Though I agree with some of the sentiment of Raoul Duke 1102’s letter. I do feel I need to leap to the defence of the Inbox, which is brilliantly moderated and never lets factions get too militant when discussing the finer points of gaming, even with something so decisive as the PC vs. console/fps/resolution debates. I also don’t think it helps the differing opinions when Ubisoft fan the flames by claiming both Watch Dogs and The Division (their two headline next gen new IP) where hobbled on PC due to ‘parity with consoles’ excuses, essentially pointing the finger and saying it’s their fault. Incompetence or conspiracy? You decide.

Like Raoul, I too have been gaming since before the first gen Atari 2600 and with exception of the Spectrum and Amiga and this gen, I’ve always played on consoles. But (I love a nice but) when the details of the new systems were announced by Sony and Microsoft neither package fulfilled my want for 3D, which was still a thing back in 2013. PCs did support 3D and had virtual reality on the horizon, which sweetened the deal for going Steam. I will admit, I replicate the console experience as much as possible by using an Xbox 360 controller for all games, including first person shooter (yes, I do get owned) and playing on a TV.

There are pros and cons with both platforms, I see consoles as the essence, the life blood of gaming, their plug and play simplicity making them accessible for all, something only a console can offer. Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft and the rest have created a massive market of players to sell to and I believe this has led to the advent of AAA games, due to the large userbase and of course the greater opportunity for profit.

Surely consoles’ greatest strength is that, like a fine wine, they get better with age, something no PC owner can claim. You do however get a compromised experience. PCs on the other hand are the pinnacle, gaming’s showcase, where the limits of what’s possible are explored. It is however a crown that lays heavy on a computer’s components and it will eventually bring the most powerful system to its knees, no matter how much you paid for its innards.

After gaming for as long as I can remember, I’ve seen games evolve from a few dots on the screen to today’s cinematic reproductions and I want to see them looking the best possible, so I can marvel at how far we’ve come. Which is something only a gaming PC can offer.
Jamie L

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