Brand New: Issue 4 - Dunking, Snowboarding, Racing, Busting Ghosts

Brand New is our weekly look back at all of the games that have been announced as coming to Xbox One in the past seven days. Rather than cover every game individually and watch it get lost in the mix of the week's news, we'll bring you all the facts and more in one handy rundown, so that you can see what's been announced at a glance. Because we're cool like that.

This week, we've got SEVEN new slabs from Mulligan's Steakhouse (or games, if you prefer) listed as coming to Xbox One and being added to the pX database.

OK, it isn't technically a new game since it's an add-on for Pinball FX2, but ask anyone who plays pinball and they'll tell you that a new table is as an entire new experience. With Aliens vs. Pinball, Zen Studios are bringing three new officially-licenced tables to players, with tables based on Aliens, Aliens: Isolation, and Alien vs Predator. They'll have the features that users have come to expect from Pinball FX2 tables, and will be available individually or in a bundle on April 26th.

Cubikolor is a new puzzler from Level 22 publisher Moving Player and developer Fractal Box. The game sees you controlling a cube as it rolls around various levels, with the goal being to try to match colours on the cube's faces with colours that form a part of the level in order to bypass obstacles and reach the exit. It's already been rated in Europe, so we'd expect to see this one sooner rather than later.

Well this is rare. A big-name movie is coming out and Activision are publishing a game based on it! And it launches on the same day as the movie hits the cinema, so you know that they will have been planning it for ages and totally not just put it together in six months.

In all seriousness, games about Ghostbusters always have the potential to be awesome but none of them have really come all that close. This new title is a third-person action title that sidesteps the whole casting controversy by introducing new rookie characters and allows for up to 4-player local co-op.

From the team that put together the accomplished sporting title The Golf Club, HB Studios, Infinite Air featuring Mark McMorris has undergone a somewhat subtle reveal. In fact, it was announced last month, but didn't seem to get all that much coverage.

There's no video from the new snowboarding title yet (which is probably why) but HB say that the game will extend the level of customisation from The Golf Club into the world of mountains, parks, and resorts, so you'll be able to create your own Big Air or Slopestyle courses, as well as entire snowboard parks. Skill-based gameplay is on the cards, with no button-mashing to be found. To pull off tricks, you need to shift your rider's body and board. Colour us intrigued.

As sure as night follows day, it wasn't a case of if another NBA 2k title would be announced, but when. As it turns out, 2k decided to take the opportunity provided by the spotlight being shone on Kobe Bryant as he played his last pro game this week to do the honours and confirm NBA 2k17. The trailer they've released contains footage from NBA 2k16 for some reason, but they've confirmed that Kobe will be on the cover of the Legend Edition of this year's game, with that version coming with a poster, a controller skin, two Kobe playing cards (that'll be a short game of poker) and all manner of digital content. A standard version will of course be available.

This Is the Police is an intriguing proposition, for sure. Playing as Police Chief Jack Boyd, you've been given just 180 days until retirement is forced upon you. Jack has a goal of racking up $500,000 by the time he leaves office, but how best to do it? Sell weapons? Take bribes? Collaborate with the Mafia? This Is the Police has you balancing your daily police routine with making that extra scratch without getting into trouble with the higher-ups.

You've got a while to wait for this one, as it won't launch until 2017, but BigBen and Kylotonn are teaming up once again for another racer. As opposed to their last effort, WRC 5, this one will take place on two wheels rather than four, as you race the fearsome Isle of Man TT. If you're not familiar, that's a motorcycle race that's often listed as being one of the most dangerous in the world, given the almost 38 mile event takes place on closed public roads that in some places, weren't exactly designed for high-speed racing. The developer will be mapping out the full TT Mountain Course loop for the game and will be including licensed teams and riders. No screenshots or video have been released as yet, but we're sure that they'll turn up in due course. Plus the title - TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge - sounds like something you'd find in an arcade in the 90s, so we're in.

So, which of these seven that are coming to Xbox One has your attention? We'll let you pick two, so don't put up no brick...

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