Gfinity Launches Tournament Builder on Xbox One

Gfinity have launched a new app on Xbox One that allows players to create and run their own tournaments, as well as compete for cash prizes.

The Gfinity Tournament Builder is a free download that's exclusive to Xbox One and is available now. Once you've downloaded the app and registered for a free Gfinity account, you can create your own tournaments using ruleset templates for Halo 5: Guardians, FIFA 16, Rocket League, Smite, or Call of Duty: Black Ops III, or use any other game that you own.

Cups, Ladders, and Leagues can be created for up to 64 players, though it should be noted that all competing players will need a Gfinity account. You can't search by Gamertag and invite folks unless they've registered with Gfinity.

If you want to pump up the gamble a bit, you can pay for a premium account, which at £2.49 per month allows you to enter cash tournaments run by Gfinity themselves. Gfinity have put together a handy tutorial on how to use the app to build tournaments, and you can check that out below.

We reckon you should register a free account, since we'll see if we can't run a few PureXbox tournaments in due course.

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