Dark Souls III claims UK number one with biggest series debut yet

The new Dark Souls has seen sales jump by 61% over the last sequel, as the game dominates in the latest UK top 40.

Dark Souls has always done surprisingly well for such a difficult, time-consuming, hardcore-orientated game. But it’s still never done that well…until now.

As ever there are no sales numbers, but overall sales of Dark Souls III were up 61 per cent on Dark Souls II – as the new game also claimed the series’ first ever number one. Although it did help that there were no other major new games released last week.

Clearly fans strongly associate the series with Sony’s consoles, as 71 per cent of sales were on the PlayStation 4 and just 26 per cent on the Xbox One.

In fact, such was the game’s success that it even encouraged PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne Game Of The Year Edition to re-enter both charts – getting to number 38 in the all formats chart and number 40 in the individual formats.

Otherwise, sales were down across most of the rest of the chart, with The Division dropping by 40 per cent, Quantum Break down 64 per cent in its second week, and DiRT Rally down 66 per cent.

The only game to buck the trend was EA Sports UFC 2 with a sudden 64 per cent increase, which is usually a sign of widespread retailer discounts.

The only other movement came with a new line of Nintendo Selects budget Wii U titles, with New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U getting as high as number 18.

The only major new release this week is also a Wii U title, with Star Fox Zero out on Friday. The Ratchet & Clank remake for PlayStation 4 may also do well, although the accompanying movie doesn’t come out until the week after.

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