Games Inbox: Is The Division broken beyond repair?

So, after months and months of waiting and anticipation I am able to report that the multiplayer in Doom absolutely stinks, it stinks of awesomeness wrapped in sheer utter hardcore blood, sweat and brilliance. Yes, there are a few things included in the multiplayer to keep the younger gamers of today happy but the heart and soul of Doom’s multiplayer is fast paced carnage and destruction!
I was therefore really confused to read all the bad feedback it had been getting, people claimed it was too Halo or too Call Of Duty. ‘Master Chief in COD’, some people claimed. ‘It’s not Doom enough!’ cried others. Allow me to set the record straight here, as a 30-year avid Doom fan, I have played them all and Doom’s multiplayer isn’t like the classic Doom games. The reason for this is id software didn’t get the deathmatch formula perfect in Doom, but they sure as hell did in Quake and this people, this is what Doom’s multiplayer is. Id has added the best multiplayer game they ever made into Doom. Anyone that claims that Doom’s multiplayer doesn’t feel like Quake clearly has never played Quake before.

It’s fast-paced mayhem where the rules are simple. Spawn, find an enemy, kill them dead and move on to find another, there’s not much more to it than that. ‘What about loadouts? That’s not very Doom?’ As previously stated by my handsome self, there are a few things added to keep the younger gamers happy and to be honest, I enjoyed spawning with my desired gun in hand. This let me go straight for the hunt and murder the hell out of the enemy team or blast them to pieces with my rocket launcher or the almighty gauss cannon whenever I found that behemoth.

There were many occasions where I could literally spot the COD, Battlefield, and Halo players easily within Doom. It was simple, they were the people who stopped moving for any reason. Anyone who played Quake or Unreal Tournament knows, you never stop moving, ever!

This is what got me thinking, did these bad reviews on Doom come from people who were getting munched and turned to paste every couple of seconds after years of owning the COD and Halo scene? Did they just get a taste of a real, fast-paced action and couldn’t handle it’s creamy goodness? Surely then, instead of handing out bad reviews and ruining a great game’s reputation shouldn’t they just crawl back to their slow-paced military shooters and let those that enjoyed the game discuss how excellent it was and what changes we might like to see?

I’m not here to say that Doom’s multiplayer is perfect, it isn’t but it is definitely a far cry from COD, Battlefield, and the like. And the best reason for this is simple: I suck at military shooters. I can barely kill a single person, but during those weekends between Doom’s alpha, closed, and open betas I kicked ass! Serious ass and that’s when I knew, I was finally home. I was happy to be back in hell!

Bring on May 13th because I’m ready, to fight like hell!

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