Microsoft testing multiple Xbox One nsole updates claims source

Yet another rumour of an upgraded Xbox One console suggests Microsoft is testing new hardware with off-the-shelf PC parts.

It’s Sony that’s been in the news the most in the last couple of weeks, with rumours of a new upgraded PlayStation 4 – which culminated yesterday in the most detailed and convincing leak so far. But it was actually Microsoft that first mooted the whole idea of a mid-generation upgrade.

And unlike Sony the concept is one that Microsoft has referred to directly, even if the comments of Xbox boss Phil Spencer have so far been rather vague and seemingly contradictory.

But a new report by website The Verge suggests that Microsoft has ‘been testing a variety of prototype Xbox devices’. The implies that either they haven’t yet decided what they’re going to do yet or that they intend to have more than one new console.

Which is in contrast to the Sony rumours, which claims that versions of the new PlayStation 4 are already being sent out to developers.

Also referenced by The Verge’s sources are the recent FCC filings which seem to suggest two new Xbox One consoles: one the usual slim model and the other the much rumoured upgrade console and equivalent to the PlayStation Neo.

‘Some of the prototypes have been tested with upgraded components you’d use to improve the performance of a PC gaming rig’, claim the sources. Which is a rather vague comment in itself, but we think just means the prototypes are being built using off-the-shelf PC components.

It’s all getting horribly complicated, but we can only hope everything will be cleared up at the E3 expo in June.

Although the real question here is do you actually want an upgraded Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Especially considering the claim below from Kinda Funny’s Colin Moriaty…

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