Robust Domino - A classic game reinvented

Robust Domino is a traditional game of dominoes made concrete. The circular, concrete and walnut veneer used make this unique domino game in the world.

The rules do not change, only the different materials make the Robust Domino totally revisited.

Each piece is handmade with raw materials. The various imperfections related to basic materials, such as the variation of the color of the concrete or else small air holes make each Robust Domino unique.


The concrete was composed of 80% limestone and 20% clay. It is a hydraulic binder, that is to say, a finely ground mineral material which, when mixed with water, forms a paste that sets and hardens by reaction sequence and hydration process and which, after curing retains its strength and stability even under water.

Robust Domino comes in two versions; the Classic version entirely of concrete and the Deluxe version at which a solid walnut veneer is affixed by hand to the back of each domino.

With the cotton bag you can bring anywhere with you your Robust Domino. The concrete base will decorate your interior. Farewell standard domino game and not surprisingly, now your games will be as unique as your game

After several months of sketches and prototypes and after solving all kind of problems concerning durability and proving that we’ll be able to face these problems when it comes to the stage of production.

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