nu mouthpieces bridge low brass and didgeridoo techniques!

Your trombone, tuba, or bari sax has never had the kind of flexibility of timbre that you are going to get out of a nu mouthpiece. These instruments can sustain vocal multiphonics, but haven't been able to produce a satisfactory range of formant harmonics. Formants are created by shaping the tongue and throat into a series of distinct, discrete forms that emphasize certain harmonics. It is the much larger bore of the didgeridoo that makes loud formant harmonics possible. We believe that a merger of didgeridoo and low brass techniques presents a lot of potential, and we are dedicated to helping the world realize that. We hope that you are as excited as us to hear what lies ahead!

The nu mouthpiece obtains its didgeridoo like sound by creating the most wide open bore you can squeeze into a shank. The tenon will be stabilized by a press-fit brass ring. The prototypes in the photos show this ring and the shank in brass, but the kickstarter and production models will have silver plating.  In addition to formant overtones didgeridoo players also extensively utilize the technique of circular breathing. The flat rim of a traditional brass mouthpiece doesn't exactly facilitate this. The nu mouthpiece is crafted with a contoured rim to help curb the escape of air while circular breathing. This is similar to the mouthpiece in the incredible drop octave didgeridoos made by William Thoren.

You will have a choice of fiddleback maple (aka curly maple), rosewood, and grenadilla. The fiddleback maple is the least dense wood I am using and so I give it a thicker wall than the denser woods. Wood is a natural organic material. Every piece has it's own grain and color and may not perfectly match the pictures. After you pledge we will send you a questionnaire to find out which woods you prefer.  These woods will be certified as sustainably harvested in compliance with the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species, or CITES for short.

I will make both standard and large bore shanks for trombone. After you pledge we will ask you what size you require. If you require a custom shank size I will consider building you a custom order after the completion of the Kickstarter.  

Our tuba mouthpieces are the standard American shank size.  If you need a custom shank size I will consider making this to order after the Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled.  

Yes, it will fit your bari.

We offer a one year 100% warranty against cracking. If it cracks in the first year you can ship it to us and we will ship you a brand new mouthpiece. With my 17 years of experience making handmade flutes, many from wood, I have found that the few that do crack almost always do it in the first year. Many cracks can be repaired, so if a crack happens after the first year send it in and we will determine if it is fixable. Exotic woods are not meant to be washed with soap and water. This removes the natural oils from the wood, leaving it unprotected. This would void the warranty.

The Tung Oil is the same finish that has been used in high quality flutes for hundreds of years. We are using only the purest ingredients. This keeps the natural beauty of the surface of the wood and will never chip off like a surface finish such as lacquer, epoxy, or polyurethane. Never wash out your nu mouthpiece with soap and water as this will quickly degrade the finish of the mouthpiece. When you are done playing just simply use a lint free cloth or paper towel to wipe out the moisture and other condensates. Once a year the mouthpiece should simply be recoated with 100% tung oil for 15 minutes, wiped off, and allowed to sit on a paper towel for 24 hours to dry. In this way we can maintain the quality of finish for a lifetime! By the end of our first year we will offer small bottles of tung oil for this purpose. 100% tung oil is available at high end wood working stores (don't trust the stuff at the big box stores, it is always diluted with chemicals that don't appear on the label). For those who do not wish to re-apply the tung oil themselves they could ship their mouthpiece back to me and I could do it for them. This would also give me the opportunity to re-polish to a high luster.

You can support us by picking something from the list of rewards to the right. If you’d like to be so kind as to support us with a small donation then we will send you an exclusive, original, one-minute tuba solo as a token of our gratitude. There’s also a sweet T-shirt available for $25 or more: Purchase a mouthpiece for yourself, or get some friends together to join in for a Studio Discount! If you are interested in becoming a dealer, the Dealer Pack at the bottom of the list is a great way to start! 

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