Yo-Kai Sangokushi and Dragon Quest Monsters remain Japan's top sellers

We've skipped a couple of weeks' worth of Media Create numbers, but Yo-Kai Sangokushi was on top the last time we checked. The numbers from last week are in, and the game to beat in sales is still Yo-Kai Sangokushi. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 managed to sneak its way up to number two as Star Ocean sales dropped rapidly, freeing up third place for the death filled Dark Souls III. This week also sees the return of Super Mario Maker to the top ten, which we haven't seen since January.

The gap between first and second was a bit narrower this week, with Yo-Kai Sangokushi only selling 41,768 units. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 came up just shy with 24,489, but maintained a sizeable lead over the rest of the top ten. Japan's third best seller this week, Dark Souls III, only managed 8,833 sales and narrowly held off Far Cry Primal's 8,805. Disney Art Academy rounds out the top five with 8,453 sales as Splatoon settles for sixth with 6,717. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition made its way to Japan this week as well courtesy of Spike Chunsoft and opened with 6,179 sales to secure eighth place. Super Mario Maker makes its return to the top ten in ninth place with 5,973 sales.

Hardware sales are down slightly this week, with only the Wii U selling more systems this week than they did last week. The PlayStation 4 still holds onto first with 20,257 consoles sold, followed by the New 3DS LL at 14,573. The Vita winds up in third with 12,337 units, while the Wii U comes in fourth with 6,091. The New 3DS and PlayStation 3 come up next in line, selling 3,677 and 1,220 units respectively. The Xbox One has made itself quite comfortable on the bottom of Media Create's sales data, selling a meager 142 units.

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