Guile to join Street Fighter V as April DLC character with new getup but same ol' hairdo

Guile's theme definitely goes with his trailer

We knew Street Fighter II's Guile would be returning to his rightful place as a playable character in Street Fighter V, and today Capcom confirms that the all-American World Warrior is slated as the DLC character rolling out as part of the upcoming April update. Perhaps Capcom missed a golden opportunity to release him on July 4th instead, but in any case it's good to see one of the original SFII characters back to put family men in their place after missing out on SFV at launch for some reason. Guile will get a new default character costume that eschews his combat fatigues, but thankfully his hair remains untouched unlike Ken's. Plus he gets authority glasses, because he means business.

Guile can still zone with his Sonic Boom projectiles and catch opponents off guard with his flashy Somersault Kick. In SFV he gains the ability to move while crouching, providing Guile players with more opportunities to punish with the charge-based move. Meanwhile Guile's V-Skill, the Sonic Blade, is a new stationary projectile that even boosts the durability of his other Sonic Booms. Guile's V-Trigger will let him toss out Sonic Booms repeatedly with every punch players perform, while his Critical Art sees him unleash the multi-hitting Sonic Hurricane; can you guess what Guile's trademark technique is? He learned the Sonic Boom from his ol' buddy Nash, who unlike Guile managed to make it into the launch roster for SFV... albeit not quite the way we remembered him from his Street Fighter Alpha years.

Like Alex, Guile will be made available as a free trial download for all SFV players for limited time later this month, even if they haven't purchased him outright using in-game Fight Money or real-world money. That's because Capcom still doesn't have a solid ETA on the launch of the in-game Zenny shop, designed to support real-world currency transactions. One thing you will need to pony up for however is Guile's Air Force Base background, the first DLC stage for SFV. Players will be able unlock it for 70,000 Fight Money currency when it's released alongside Guile, but Season Pass holders will get it absolutely free.

Update 2016-04-19: Capcom has released the character trailer for Guile, but sadly he is not kicking Bison's ass so HARD... that the next Bison wannabe is gonna feel it.

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