Help Three Busy Debras Play Carnegie Hall

We are Three Busy Debras, the comedic trio of Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari, and Alyssa Stonoha.  We perform in the gorgeous city (AND state) of New York.  Our play "Three Busy Debras" had a sold-out weekly run at the Annoyance Theatre NY for 3 months, as well as a sold-out performance at UCB LA. The show was heralded as "controversial" and "45 minutes long" from publications such as VICE, the New York Times, and Broadway World. We perform all around NY collectively and individually. We also make videos. Like this one!

Three Busy Debras will put on a brand-new show built for Carnegie Hall, hereafter referred to as "The Hall." We are writing a comedy variety recital (that means: gags, goofs, spoofs and wigs - and did we mention wiggles?) that is tailored specifically to The Hall and takes advantage of all that The Hall has to offer. We want to use the grand piano! Ultimately, we want to make our basement stuff in cool and exciting places. 

We need your help because we can't do this alone.  How amazing would it be if your small contribution could get us inside a New York institution?  Plus, many of the prizes include a guaranteed ticket to the show, which would reserve you a seat before tickets are available to anyone else! There are fewer than 300 seats and no standing room allowed. We really want you to be there.  

We want to do something outside of the normal realm of possibility.  We want to do something spectacular and exciting, rather than shooting another web video. Like this one!

Money go to The Hall. Everything in addition to our goal would go towards costumes, props, rehearsal space - things that will make the show an even grander production actually worthy of The Hall.

For more information about us, please visit our website at We love you.

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