Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE gets limited edition bundles in North America and Europe

You can't get this at HeeHaw Mart

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Nintendo and Atlus' Fire Emblem-meets-Shin Megami Tensei crossover game for the Wii U, remains one of the stranger collaboration projects that both companies nonetheless managed to see through to the very end. This June 24th North America and Europe will find out if teenagers with J-pop attitude were the heroes both franchises really needed, and Nintendo makes the proposition all the sweeter with a limited edition package for fans.

Dubbed the "Fortissimo Edition" in Europe (and just plain ol' "Special Edition" in North America), this bundle will include the game, a complete set of bonus costume and quest DLC that Nintendo is planning to release post-launch (priced at $1.99 USD each if acquired outside the bundle), a soundtrack sampler CD, and various character goods including a 5x8 color artbook, sticker sheet and character song cards. All the better for you to proclaim your allegiance to Kiria Kurono in the real world when the time comes.

The North American release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE special edition bundle will be exclusive to retailers Amazon and GameStop, and will be ready for launch alongside the vanilla editions of the game this June 24th for $79.99 USD.

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