PIXO – Magnetic tablet mount for desktop computers

PIXO is a tablet mount that lets you attach your tablet to your computer and use it as a second display. It has been specifically designed to be compatible with many different brands of tablets and computers.

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With Pixo you can attach your tablet to your desktop computer and enjoy working comfortably with an increased display surface.

It is compatible with different tablet sizes from 7.9” to to 12.9”. You can mount it on your desktop and connect tablets such as the iPad Pro to take advantage of its large display while working.

Just attach your tablet to your desktop computer and enjoy working comfortably with an increased display surface.

You can use Pixo by itself, by simply mounting your tablet next to your computer to have it at eye level, or share the screen content across devices using a third-part app, transforming your tablet into a second display ( Duet Display, Air Display, or iDisplay will do the trick).

With Pixo you can add more pixels to your screen.

We realised that we use our tablets for drawing, reading or sending e-mails on the go, but when we are at the office or at home sitting at our desk, we put them aside as is always more comfortable to work using a large display.

Most tablet displays are very good, with a high pixel density and resolution, but they are underused within the work environment. Studies indicate that having a second monitor increases you focus and productivity, so why not use your tablet as a second screen?

Pixo allows you to combine the use of your tablet, with the use you make of your desktop computer.

The Pixo mount works by a mix of magnetic attraction and friction. Strong neodymium magnets are covered in rubber to get a good grip on to your monitor and tablet, and of also to avoid scratching them in any way.

Strong magnets concealed in the mount attract the metallic stickers which are provided with the mount.

Place two metallic stickers on you desktop monitor, one at the front and one at the back ( or on the side if the profile of the display is flat). Then place the last sticker on the back of your tablet. Done!

With Pixo your tablet is not locked or constraint. You can pick it up at anytime, use it for a while, then place it back into the mount easily. Do you need to access some of your iOS or Android apps content? Just grab it.

Pixo uses very strong magnets to seamlessly attach to your computer, this makes it compatible with most displays on the market, no matter if they have flat sides or tapered edges ( see below for compatibility). 

You can add up to four tablets to your display and connect them as a single screen using a third part app.

Because of its magnetic attachment, Pixo is compatible with lots of different types of desktop and tablets.

Pixo comes with a set of three metallic stickers, two small ones for your display, and a large one for your tablet. Place the three metallic stickers and you are ready to go.

  If your tablet has a flat back, it is 9 mm or less of thickness and it weights less than 750 grams, that is good news! Pixo will work with your tablet.

We have done a ton of prototypes and tested different methods to attach the tablet. At the end we decided on magnets as it allows more flexibility in terms of sizes and tablet models. 

We wanted Pixo to be compatible not only with as many tablets currently in the market as possible, but even with tablets that don’t exist yet.

As tablets are getting thinner and lighter the task was to design a mount that could accommodate different sizes and thickness. Having just a sticker on the back allowed us to do that. 

The prototypes we tested of Pixo have changed the way we use and interact with our iPad at the studio. We hope the product will make the same for you, and you will use your tablet in more ways than before!

When paired with a  third part sharing screen app. Pixo allows you to use your tablet to place all the palettes while using your desktop in full screen to retouch photos, edit video or mix music.

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Special thanks also to our sourcing partner D2M ( which will help us along the way to minimise any possible bump in the road to manufacturing. 

This project would not be possible also without you, who support people like us, and who know how hard is to go from ideas to products. A huge thank you to all the people that have given us feedback so far, or help us during the different phases of the product development. 

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