Rememory Pack, Antique Floor-Tile Hacking Kit

Rememory Packs are a tool that allows you to paint antique tiles any surface. Sturdy and endlessly reusable, they are as much a stunning visual statement as a call to action.

The stencils can be used on any surface, with spray or brush-on paint. They bend around curvy surfaces or flex to fit tight corners, the stencil pack has multiple designs to allow you to paint on geometric, flower patterns, wavy floor tile designs and more. With multiple designs to choose from in varying colors, they are versatile, fun and endlessly reusable. 

We love antique tile patterns, we see them everywhere. 

Inspired by the patterns in our city of Haifa's Wadi Salib Neighborhood, we made these stencils to serve as a beautiful mirror to echo memories of abandoned homes and their forgotten stories. 

You can use the stencil pack on walls:

 You can use Rememory Packs in a variety of settings from furniture to indoor DIY projects:

You can use Rememory Stencils outside, in the street, on your favorite board

 Use them indoors for your room, your office or as a special project 

Each Rememory stencil pack includes 4 unique patterns. Each pattern incorporates 2 stencils to complete it.

Stencil size: 10x10 inches. Made of 100% recycled plastic, these stencils are tough, washable and reusable. Rememory stencils are modeled on real tiles from the Wadi Salib neighborhood in Haifa. Using these stencils you can paint designs of tiles that have been forgotten over time and bring them back to life in your own community.

 Show me what I can get:

 Our neighborhood in Haifa is a lot like any neighborhood, it’s past is hidden from view. 

 We wanted illuminate this past and make it a global conversation. A conversation about community memory. We made our Rememory stencils to capture the patterns of exquisite antique floor tiles found in our local Wadi Salib neighborhood. 

This neighborhood has seen families come and go, real people live their lives filled with joy, struggle and resistance. Today the neighborhood is in ruin and has been so for half a century.

 It’s a local story and it's a global conversation mirrored around the world from Detroit to Johannesburg, from Istanbul to Chicago. Our community memory is unique but the discussion is public, global and should be loud. We made our tile stencils to tell a story. Rememory Stencils are stunning, reusable, they're story tellers and at their best can break cycles of oppression with memories. Wanna learn more? 

 The Rememory Stencil pack is as much stunning design as it is a call to action, a voice, a spark for conversation on issues of community memory. 

We give between 15-30% of our proceeds to local community youth ventures. We focus on local alternative schools in Haifa who can teach alternative historical narratives. We work to maintain relationships with the schools we help fund and update our backers on the work we do.

Yup, we are multinational, we are based in Boston and in Haifa and split our time between outreach, media work and marketing in Boston and production, education and community engagement in Haifa. 

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