Addictive Flavored Almonds by Nuts About You

Almonds are great. In addition to simply being a great snack to munch on, almonds are nutrient dense, have 7.62 grams of protein per serving, monounsaturdated "good" fats, and vitamin E . 

They promote a feeling of satisfying fullness and also have vitamin B-2, which helps to metabolize carbohydrates to provide you with energy. 

Combine these great California almonds from local farms with chef-inspired flavors from our kitchen, and we've got some great munchies everyone can get a little nuts about.

And today, we're extremely excited to introduce our 4 signature flavors. 

Cookies n Cream: Almonds are coated with oreos (yes, cream and all) 

Coconut: Almonds are coated with coconut milk powder for a full & creamy coconut flavor. 

Sweet Sriracha: Full on sriracha flavor, with a hint of sweetness that makes you come back for more

Fireball: For the daredevils out there, or perhaps someone who needs to pull an all-nighter or drive 6 hours to see their girlfriend in the Bay area. Not recommended for senior citizens 65 years and older, children less than 9 years of age, or pregnant women.  

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