Best Thing You'll Ever Do, a Miniseries

Best Thing You'll Ever Do is a fictional miniseries about the complicated question of getting pregnant while busting your hump to make your career dreams happen. We are raising $15k to shoot the first 3 episodes. 

Story One of Best Thing You'll Ever Do is told in 10 five-minute episodes which center on Mae Murrai, a recently engaged entrepreneur in her late 30s, who is poised to see her start-up company skyrocket. When her fiancee announces that he'd really like to have a baby, Mae is wracked with THE BABY QUESTION. Strangers and loved ones give their advice to Mae freely, but Mae feels trapped by her choices. Does she seek the success she desires and have something "to show for her life" or have a baby - which some people think is the "best thing she'll ever do?"

In January 2016, Monica completed writing all ten episodes of Story One for Best Thing You'll Ever Do. This June, the first three episodes of Story One will be shot in the land of start-up milk and honey - Silicon Valley. 

When the first three episodes of Mae's story are completed, we'll enter them into international festivals and share them with potential investors to secure funding to make the entire series. We'll also share the episodes with programmers at viewing platforms like Vimeo, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and Snapchat with the aim of securing a production and distribution contract for Best Thing You'll Ever Do.  

The subject matter and high quality production value of these bite-sized episodes will make the series a contender at festivals and appealing to streaming platforms. 

After the first 3 episodes of Best Thing You'll Ever Do are completed, we plan to make episodes 4-10 of Story One. Following that, we'll make Story Two and Story Three to explore more angles of the baby question -- with a gay couple who worries about being 70 when their kid goes to college, with a CEO who hides her pregnancy from her company, and the daily life of a career man turned stay-at-home dad. We hope to make a series that lands on you like a feather and wallops you like a walrus.

Your support up to $15k will help us shoot the first 3 episodes of Best Thing You'll Ever Do. Although we can shoot the first 3 episodes for $15k, our true budget with post production, music licensing, marketing and promotion fees is $20k. If we can get over $20k, your support will go towards our next shoot. If you can get us to $25k, we can shoot an extra episode this June! If you can get us to $30k we can shoot two extra episodes and so on.  

Your generous support will help us make Best Thing You'll Ever Do and illuminate an important question that many people are grappling with, perhaps offer people comfort and support, but most of all get a conversation going! We want people to share these episodes on their Facebook page, Tweet them, or share them in emails with friends to say - "Thank God someone else is going through this too!"

"Crowdfunding" works best when a lot of people pledge a little and some people give more. Be one of our crowd! (Our fam! Our team!)

At 35, I had just become engaged to this amazing guy -- a unicorn, a diamond in the rough (and believe me, it was rough out there in the NYC Tinder-sphere). And so, I was basking in the glow of finding a person I felt I could spend my life with. On top of that, I had just gone around the world to act in this incredible movie called Blood, Sand and Gold.

After so many years of waiting tables, living in terrible NY apartments and a string of unmentionable dating experiences, I felt like my life was FINALLY coming together. No sooner did I get engaged and finish my work on this kick-ass film, did people start asking me --  

--When are you going to have a baby? 


--You MUST freeze your eggs! 

--Don't EVER have kids!! 

--A baby is the BEST THING you'll ever do!!!

You see where I'm going here? I felt like I'd finally made it and immediately had to think about disrupting the whole thing to have a baby!! Or not have a baby, and perhaps regret it for the rest of my life. Why was this all coming at me at the same time?! The truth is, it's still coming at me and I don't know what to do -- have a baby or don't have a baby -- but both decisions affect the rest of your life.

After my future-husband and I got engaged, we moved to Silicon Valley, CA where his work is based. NEVER did I imagine myself moving to Silicon Valley, as I was a NYC, Chicago city-girl for life. And yet, I found myself in a little house in Northern California, thinking about the BABY QUESTION -- a lot. And I started to talk to the people I'd meet in Silicon Valley about this very question. I met an entrepreneur in her 30s who said to me, "How can I possibly think about having a baby -- my start-up is my baby. I'm giving birth to my company!" I was connecting with women and men alike about this late-30s baby dilemma. And it inspired me to write a mini-series about someone who is going through that really tough decision.

My hope is to start a conversation with Best Thing You'll Ever Do and reach as many people as possible with the series. Making this series feels like the best thing I could do right now! Thank you for helping me get Best Thing off the ground, it means more to me than you could know. And then again, maybe you do know! Let's do this!

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