Games Inbox: Do you care about indie gaming?

Just read Cyberspunk’s comment on Quantum Break – how anyone can say it is the Xbone’s The Order: 1886 is beyond me.

The game has some issues but to call it average is ridiculous. The combat and replay value the multiple narrative choices alone put it well above the average.

As for cutting the ‘TV nonsense’ – yes. How dare a developer try something new and innovative when it comes to storytelling. If only every dev just churned out endless multiplayer games. And let’s be honest – Cyberspunk would’ve called Quantum Break’s TV elements a poor man’s Person of Interest no matter how good they were. I’d even wager he/she decided on that before they even watched them.

Remedy could’ve produced something Oscar worthy in those episodes and a he/she would’ve still sneered at them. It seems to be the latest thing these days to just act like you’re not impressed by anything (as though that automatically puts you above everyone else). The whole contrarian thing is getting really old.

Only issues I had with the game is that it’s too short, feels like there’s a missing act in there. That and the ending leaves more questions than it answers. But it’s nice to play something different for a change.

As for sequels, I can’t think of a game that deserves a sequel less than Alan Wake. That is an average, mediocre game if ever there was one. Awful story and mind numbingly repetitive gameplay.

Guess it’s just different strokes.

GC: You’re making a lot of assumptions there about the reader. The fact is Remedy didn’t produce something Oscar worthy, or anything close to it.

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