Upgraded Sony PS4 is denamed NEO, more powerful than expected

Website Eurogamer claims to have a copy of the same document as the original leak, and states that as far as it’s concerned everything in the story below is true. One interesting extra though is that the site’s technical expert describes the tech specs below as more powerful than he expected, even if they’re still not as big a jump as a brand new console.

The new PS4 won’t have any exclusive games, but it will run them faster and at a higher resolution, according to a new leak of information.

There’s new rumours almost every day about the upgraded version of the PlayStation 4, but the latest one comes from a reliable source and is particularly detailed.

According to website Giant Bomb the codename of the new version of the PlayStation 4 is NEO, not PlayStation 4.5 or 4K. It will allegedly have a higher clock speed than the original, a better GPU, and higher memory bandwidth. Or in other words it’s more powerful, but not so much as if it was a brand new console.

The NEO will apparently be sold for $399 in the US, the current price of the original PlayStation 4. Logically that should mean it will be £279 in the UK for a 500GB model, or around £299 for a 1TB.

The leak also claims that from October every new PlayStation 4 will have to include a ‘Base Mode’ that works on the original console and a ‘NEO Mode’ that takes advantage of the more powerful new version. Patches can also be released to upgrade existing games.

Exactly what developers do with that power is apparently not being mandated by Sony, and can include more stable frame rates and/or ‘higher visual fidelity’.

What Sony is enforcing though is that developer ensures the Neo and Base modes both run at the same frame rate. This is to stop developers trying to run games at 4K and reducing the frame rate in order to get more power out of the console.

There will also be no games that require the NEO to run – they’ll also just run better on the new system. Sony are even forbidding extra gameplay options or unlockables that aren’t available in base mode. Although upgrades, such as eight-player local co-op instead of four, will apparently be allowed.

Since presumably the original PlayStation 4 will be getting a price cut, it will be sold alongside the NEO and both will use the same interface, online service, and PSN store.

Assuming all this is true – and it does line up with most of the other more believable rumours – it seems Sony are doing their best to ensure there’s no split in the PlayStation 4 userbase and that the NEO is seen only as an upgrade. Like having the latest model of iPhone, instead of last year’s model.

Although the October deadline for NEO mode suggests a release this year that isn’t mentioned as part of these rumours. Nor is anything relating to the PlayStation VR headset.

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