After more than a decade, Microsoft stops making Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is to officially come to an end, as Microsoft celebrates ‘an amazing run’ for the last gen console.

All good things come to an end, as Microsoft has confirmed they are to stop manufacturing the console this year.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer didn’t give any specific date in his blog entry, but whenever it is it’s likely to be several months from now before the console becomes difficult to find in shops. Or at least online ones.

The Xbox 360 launched in North America on November 22, 2005 and in Europe on December 2 of the same year.

It immediately set the pace for the entire generation, and although it only beat PlayStation 3 sales in the US and UK its innovations in online gaming, and focus on Western development studios and tools, helped change the entire focus of the games industry.

Spencer had some handy stats to prove just how successful the Xbox 360 has been, with 78 billion gaming hours played across all consoles, nearly 486 billion Gamerscore on 27 billion Achievements, and over 25 billion hours spent in apps over its lifetime.

Microsoft is promising to continue to offer technical support for the old console, and importantly there are no plans yet to stop Xbox Live services for Xbox 360.

Xbox One owners will also still be able to play Xbox 360 games, including supported discs, via backwards compatibility.

Although a decade is a long time the Xbox 360 was a particularly long-serving console and ending manufacturing this year is a little earlier than might be expected. Whether that has anything to do with rumours of a new version of the Xbox One is for Microsoft to know and you to guess…

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