Games Inbox: Is the PlayStation NEO nsole a good idea?

RE: DMR and Benevolent Leader. Like yourself this was the last one I needed and I spent weeks trying to get Sanctuary Hills to 100%, but eventually gave up and moved to Red Rocket garage with a clear slate and here’s how I did it.

Firstly, you need about 9,000 caps (to build the level 3 meds stall). Send seven settlers to the garage but don’t send any accomplices as they don’t count. Build eight beds for the settlers and yourself and make sure it’s all undercover, I built four metal shacks and put two in each. Now plant six mutifruit and assign one settler to that and then assign another five to five level 3 med stalls as they bring the highest happiness. Three water pumps, a bell to ring, and a defense of 70+ completes the main part of building, with just the last thing being to get the size to max; which I done by clearing the area of wood and building tons of crates in a corner to max it out.

This is the killer part, now you’ve done all that you need to sleep for at least three days, ring the bell, sit or stand around for 12 in-game hours and keep repeating and all the while you CAN’T leave the garage then the happiness level will start rising. After 4-5 real hours (it can be done in different sittings with a standard save) you’ll hear a ting of the trophy.

That one should have been platinum on its own for the amount of time and effort needed. I can’t remember if GC have recently ran it or something similar for a Hot Topic but that is my most hated trophy/Gamerpoint since they began with the Xbox 360 in 2005. Not the hardest or most proud of but just the hated!

RE: DMR’s letter concerning the final trophy required for a Fallout 4 platinum. I do not believe it is possible to get 100% settlement happiness at Sanctuary. I feel his pain, as I wasted countless hours and resources trying this myself.

In the end I took to the Internet and found an excellent guide – just search for 100% happiness Red Rocket and you should find it. It took me about an hour to ‘achieve’ the trophy once I read the guide, and I didn’t mind the mild cheating as I thought the game was quite unfair with that one. Enjoy that platinum.
Paul Devlin

I used this method from Reddit.

I confirm this worked for the Xbox One but can only presume this works for PlayStation 4 too. The last 5% seems to require the most patience and there can seem many days where nothing seems to be happening but persevere and hopefully you’ll get your final trophy.

The only difference I had from the ‘Basic Method’ was I used the Starlight Drive-in because I’d already started a settlement of sorts at the Red Rocket truck stop.

Anyway, good luck and I hope this helps.

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