RUINER reveals isometric cyberpunk violence

Channeling more than a little bit of Akira, Reikon’s RUINER is looking to add another decent cyberpunk game to the PC’s collection. Not a bad ambition by any means, and this isometric(ish) title looks to be taking a predominantly combat-driven approach.

You’re a … well, presumably a person, although the weird cyber-helmet and bionic arm do make me wonder how much “human” is still inside there, on a mission to take down the corrupt and rescue your brother in 2091 Rengkok. Yes, Rengkok. You’re being guided by a secretive hacker friend (because cyberpunk), and have “preternatural reflexes, augmented tools, and the arsenal of fallen foes” at your disposal.

Both the Steam page and official site are up, from which it’s possible to ascertain a 2016 release date for RUINER. Here’s a trailer, underneath which publishers Devolver Digital describe the game as “CYBERPUNK SHOOTY BANG BANG WITH HOT FIRE GRAPHICS!” They certainly have a type.


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