Games Inbox: Are you excited for Dark Souls III?

Really looking forward to Dark Souls III at the weekend but I don’t understand why it’s been released in Japan three weeks early. As a result of that you’ve got quite a few people that have imported it, or fiddled PSN to get it early, plus tons of streamers online seem to have it – I assume because Bandai Namco gave it to them to raise the hype. Even the reviews were unusually early, which I’m not complaining about but it’s all starting to make it seem like there’s a party I’ve missed out on.

Not to mention how weird the marketing has got in general, with all this oddball trailers that don’t have anything to do with the game and now using Ben Affleck memes to try and drum up interest. The original advertising for Dark Souls was pretty classy, with the whole ‘prepare to die’ thing not shying away from what the game was or who it’s aimed at.

Now they’re just advertising it like it’s some dudebro shooter. A lot of people seeing these VHS parodies and what not are going to have a bit of a shock when it takes them 10 days to get to the first bonfire. Oh well, at least it doesn’t affect the game.

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