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Last November I finally joined this generation of consoles, picking up the Tomb Raider double pack edition of the Xbox One, along with Halo 5. I long ago completed Rise of The Tomb Raider and haven’t bothered downloading the Tomb Raider reboot, since I completed it on the Xbox 360 before.

Anyway, four months on, and I’m still completely addicted to the multiplayer of Halo. The monthly updates and drip feed gameplay loop of earning new gear has got me hooked, but as someone who has only sporadically bought the Halo games, there are a few things that annoy me about the multiplayer.

1. Why is the main mode only four-on-four? With no split screen to worry about, and the presence of the 24-player Warzone mode, it can only be a design choice. It’s really annoying when players drop, making it an uphill struggle as it becomes four-on-three. If both teams started with five players, it’d be less of a disadvantage if players do drop out.

2. It’s much better now for me, but at the beginning, it was so disorienting when you respawn and have no idea which part of the map you’re on. Rather forcing you to watch your dead body during the countdown to respawn, wouldn’t it be better for you to be able to view the area you’ll respawn into? Have the camera fixed at your respawn point, and allow you to spin it 360 degrees.

3. Bring back the beginner’s playlist from Halo 3. Number 3 was the first Halo I played, and the initial foray into online matches was greatly helped by this. I think all new players must win at least 10 matches on unique maps before they can be matched with other players. It gives you a chance to learn the maps while still being in a competitive environment. I’m tired of being in teams where some player ends up with an extremely negative kill/death ratio.

Despite the above annoyances, I’m still addicted to the game, so the base gameplay isn’t a problem. Anyway, this letter has taken way longer to write, time I could’ve used to unlock some more armour for my Spartan.
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