Final Fantasy XV PC port could contain extra content cut from console version if developed

It's no secret by now that Square Enix likes the idea of Final Fantasy on Steam. With III through VIII already on Steam and Zidane's adventures in IX due out eventually, it's quite obvious Square Enix likes Valve's store platform. With Final Fantasy XV gearing up for a September 30th release, game director Hajime Tabata stated that he and the development team would take a good, hard look at developing a PC port. French gaming site Jeux Video sat down with Tabata recently to discuss the possibility. There's no definite PC release coming, but if it happens, Tabata says it might contain additional content that got cut from console versions.

Cut content is somewhat expected in this day and age. Movies and video games cut content all the time for various reasons, but games don't normally go back and add that cut content back in unless it gets transformed into DLC. With about 300 people working on Final Fantasy XV and Kingsglaive, there's more than enough content to go around. A team of that size means some things could potentially get done faster, such as optimizing the game. Part of those optimizations include seamless transitioning between environments. Tabata doesn't like loading times any more than we do, so the XV team is working hard to keep loading screens to a minimum.

Speaking directly about the possibility of XV coming to PC, Tabata is "quite positive" about wanting to make it happen, but he wants to make it different from the console versions if it's possible. He feels that bringing Final Fantasy XV to PC would "propel the game to another technical level" that would allow the team to include content that was cut because of console limitations. A PC release would also be a good opportunity for the XV team to create a superior, possibly even definitive edition of the title without feeling like they have to hold back or tone things down.

The decision to create a PC version hasn't officially been made yet, but it could be some time before we hear any news about it if Square Enix greenlights such a project. Tabata wants to start development from scratch if Final Fantasy XV comes to PCs, which many would welcome so long as the game doesn't take another ten years. For now, Final Fantasy XV remains a console exclusive title and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems September 30th. PC gamers can technically play XV after it comes out through the PS4 Remote Play app, but you'd still be streaming it from the console.

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