Dark Souls 3 fixes - Bonfire crash, framerates and more

The release of Dark Souls 3 hasn’t been without its problems; perhaps most notably, crashing that can occur at bonfires. This was a problem even with the pre-release review code (it didn’t affect everyone, our own coverage was entirely unaffected), and doesn’t necessarily have a guaranteed fix yet.

Nonetheless, there are some workarounds you can try that some have reported as successful.

The most consistent ‘fix’ for the bonfire crashes, at least going by what other players have suggested, is setting the Dark Souls 3 lighting quality to “Low” and reloading the game. Not guaranteed, but worth a try. Others have suggested that playing as the Knight character makes it happen with less frequency too (the same solution found by some pre-release reviewers with this issue), though that’s less ideal as it dictates your choice of class.

Bizarre as it may seem, some have linked atrocious frame-rates to driver clashes with certain USB devices. If you have headsets or other non-vital peripherals plugged in, it might be worth taking them out as an experiment. Especially if you have a PC that should be able to comfortably cope with the game.

We tried to hook up a PS3 controller and didn;t have much luck initially, it wasn;t until we removed all other control devices, in our case a Saitek joystick, that the game detected the controller. If you were wondering how to get the PS3 controller working, we suggest using the SCpToolKit Xinout wrapper. Follow the instructions o that page first, then go into the Zadig folder and run the executable. Follow the prompts in the Zanig tool to set the config.

Some users on Nvidia 500 series cars have been experiencing framerate issues and the solution that appears to work is to use these 314.22 drivers. Other Nvidia users have had success with the  352.84 drivers.

Nvidia framerate issues may be resolved by doing the following which appears to be working for a lot of people.

This release just demonstrates how fickle different PC configurations can be. All three of us at PC Invasion have experienced none of the above problems and we are all using different hardware, Peter on AMD and myself and Tim on Nvidia.

If you spot any more feel free to add them in the comments and we will add them into this page.

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