Rockstar and Take-Two are counter-suing Leslie Benzies

After this morning’s news that former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies is seeking compensation from the company via a lawsuit, it emerges that Take-Two are counter-suing.

The basis for Benzies’ lawsuit is his belief that he is owed royalty payments after being forced out of the company by the Houser brothers, and is seeking reparations to the tune of $150 million USD.

It emerges that Rockstar and Take-Two have launched a ten page counter-suit, which can be read here, in which they claim to have ” sought unsuccessfully to resolve this issue through mediation and now seek judicial clarification that would resolve this controversy.” According to Take-Two and Rockstar’s side of the story, Benzies resigned without ‘Good Reason’ (capitalised because in this context it’s contract terminology with a specific meaning) and is therefore not entitled to his royalty payments.

In other words, it’s very messy, and may end up resting on the specific wordings of various contracts, royalty plans, and internal Rockstar corporate rules.

Alongside “judicial clarification” on the Benzies royalty payments, Take-Two and Rockstar are seeking “compensatory damages against Benzies in an amount to be determined at trial”. This appears to be in order to cover legal fees, expenses, and other costs incurred by a lawsuit.

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