Atlus teams up with SNK Playmore again to publish King of Fighters XIV in North America this year

A new chapter in the KOF saga is burning to fight with improved netcode

SNK Playmore's classic 3-on-3 dream team fighting game series makes the jump to new-fangled 3D with King of Fighters XIV for the PlayStation 4, and Atlus is ready with the assist to publish the upcoming title in both North and South America. The announcement didn't come with a release date, tough the title is still expected to launch later this year.

While King of Fighters XIV adopts a bold new look by moving entirely to 3D graphics, developer SNK is working to ensure gameplay remains faithful to the "feel" of the classic 2D games. In fact, Atlus boasts XIV will be the most refined and competitive installment since the fan-favorite KOF '98 thanks to improvements made in overall gameplay and balancing.

KOF XIV will feature 50 playable characters at launch, 19 of which are all-new to the series. The game promises improved online multiplayer over the PlayStation Network, and not just for competitve match-ups like the new "Party Battle" between up to six players at once (three per side); a new online training mode can pair up novices with more experienced players for some live mentoring in the ways of the BURN KNUCKLE.

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