Ash Seeketh Ember in Dark Souls III launch trailer showcasing enemies and dungeons

Can you praise the sun while embracing the darkness?

Dark Souls III was unleashed upon us Deprived today, and developer From Software shared a launch trailer to celebrated. The trailer tells us one particular and important thing about Dark Souls III -- the new title stays true to its epic roots. Hunters will still be able to wipe out massive enemies in fast-paced combat, provided they can get past some unfortunate launch issues.

The Souls series has always been known for its over-the-top presentation. Similar to Monster Hunter, a majority of the monsters are massive in size and the world is bleak and grim. What could be asked of Dark Souls III than to simply improve upon its predecessors? The third series installment features "Weapon Arts", skills exclusive to specific weapons, and gravestones that guide the player and serve to tell the story while expanding the lore.

Publisher Bandai Namco promises that "all will be revealed" in Dark Souls III, and the launch trailer certainly gives us plenty of different monsters, dungeons, and events to look at. The defining message of the trailer and what seems to be the game's overall theme is this -- Ash Seeketh Embers. Instead of praising the sun and searching for light, Dark Souls III lets players embrace the Darkness and see what the world of Souls is really about.

Dark Souls III launched today across multiple markets for Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Windows PC systems.

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