Paragon development update - Free weekends and balance pass soon

The end of the month Paragon developer update from Epic for their MOBA has been posted and there’s a lot planned in the weeks ahead.

Anyone how has signed up to beta test will be pleased to hear that free weekends that they “won’t have to wait much longer” until these get started. The two new heroes, one of which was teased earlier today, are called Iggy and Scorch and these will be pushed into the roster next week.

Existing players will be aware of the balance issues right now but Epic mention that balance passes are coming along with more cards, matchmaking and deck building improvements, new skins and a movement speed increase.  The movement speed increase I’m not sure about , it seems about right at the moment.

Now that the first month of testing is done and dusted, epic also released this infographic to show off some of the big number stats.

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