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Epic needs to address Paragon cross-platform play

This weekend has been a mix of work and a copious amount of Paragon play for me, and it’s been great.Now, I am always up for some cross-platform play if there’s little difference between playing on a console and a PC. read more

ESPN commentators need to learn their DOTA 2

Now I am no expert at what’s going on in a DOTA 2 match, that’s Tim’s domain, but if ESPN wants to mix eSports with traditional sports then the commentators still have some work to do.ESPN’s “Top Ten Plays” video this weekend features some coverage from the ESL One Manila event, and while it feels a little odd seeing it in the mix, kudos to them for trying. read more

Steam top sellers week ending 24 April

Another week of PC game sales comes to a close on Steam and once again Dark Souls 3 takes the top spot.New entries this week include Rocket League which makes a return following last week’s free weekend and ahead of next week’s Hoops Mode. read more

Run it Overwatch - Blizzard's promo truck crashes into car

Yesterday around 7PM Blizzard’s promotional Overwatch attendee transport ‘monster truck’ was involved in an accident with a civilian vehicle.“Just left PAX East and out full house Main Theater show to see a monster truck branded with competitive game run over a civilian car. read more

Gigantic is still very much alive - Motiga prepare for the future

Back in February this year, development of Motiga’s shooter/MOBA Gigantic had stalled and the future of the  game was uncertain.So much so in fact that Motiga even stated they intended “to continue supporting Gigantic game services for as long as we are able”. read more

Gearbox confirms Borderlands 3 is coming after Battleborn

It was inevitable that Borderlands 3 was coming from Gearbox, but just to make sure everyone knows, Randy Pitchford confirmed it today at PAX East.During the Gearbox panel Pitchford said, “Obviously, there is going to be another Borderlands”. read more

Steam adds movie rentals from Lionsgate, Miramax, Summit

I’m not sure whether there’s really a huge market for $4.All of the films appear to have a 48 hour rental period, which can be used at any point within a 30 day period of paying. read more

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Preview

There’s another potential solution on the horizon, and that’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, EA’s reboot/reimagining/rewhatever of the franchise.“Reimagining” actually describes Mirror’s Edge Catalyst quite well (and, much like Splinter Cell Blacklist which I surreptitiously renamed to things like Splinter Cell Blackbird, I keep wanting to call it Mirror’s Edge Catapult or Mirror’s Edge Catalepsy). read more

New Outlast 2 video proves corn fields are scary as hell

Red Barrels Outlast 2 is going to take gamers to another horror nightmare scenario and this new footage of the game proves this is scary stuff.We loved it when we made Tim play the first game and I think we might just have to make him play this one as well. read more

Elite: Dangerous Engineers images, 1.6 mission details

There’s quite a bit going on in the latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter, including some new images of upcoming Engineers features and proposed changes to missions.There will apparently be further details of looting and crafting aspects in next week’s newsletter, but as a bit of taster for that Frontier have released a couple of images showing the sort of ‘Experimental Modules’ that will be available in Elite: Dangerous 2. read more

Hitman's latest PC patch accidentally auto-locks graphics settings

The new PC patch for Hitman, released the other day, introduced a lot of welcome things (weapon holstering, UI toggles) and one not so welcome thing.Part of the update was a new “recommended” graphics settings button that you can press on the launcher; but it’s rather aggressive and applies them whether you want it to or not. read more

God Eater and sequel hunger for a 30 August PC release

A double dose of the God Eater series (Resurrection and Rage Burst) will be coming to the PC in August.Namco Bandai have just announced a release date of 30 August for both titles. read more

id detail advanced DOOM options for PC players

While the DOOM beta might not have been to everyone’s liking, at least id recognise the importance of options when it comes to PC gaming.As they say themselves in an update from the team, “PC gaming is in our DNA”. read more

Geralt keeps his clothes on in new Witcher 3 Blood & Wine shots

CD Projekt is back with a few news screens for The Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine.There’s still no release date for the expansion so new screens are going to have to do for now and disappointingly Geralt is fully clothed in all of these. read more

UbiSoft reveals BlueByte's fantasy RTS Champions of Anteria

UbiSoft has announced a new RTS called Champions of Anteria which is being developed by their BlueByte studio.Each element is even more powerful when used against the opposing power, players must carefully choose which element is the most effective against certain enemies and when they should order to retreat. read more

Zombasite Early Access Preview

It’s a portmanteau of “zombie” and “parasite”, and rather than being a dreadful browser strategy game, Zombasite is Soldak Entertainment’s latest quirky take on the ARPG genre.If you’ve played any of them, Zombasite will feel pretty natural. read more

Plays Paragon's Iggy & Scorch

Epic has just released the latest update to their MOBA Paragon, which is currently in closed beta testing, and I’ve taken it for a spin.This latest update comes with a new fiery hero duo called Iggy & Scorch along with numerous tweaks and updates. read more

The Other 99 takes you to the Hebrides for some survival adventure

A new game is being published by Deck 13 and developed by UK start-up developer Burning Arrow called The Other 99.The game is a first-person survival adventure in which the player will find themselves trapped on a Hebridian island with nothing but a note which simply reads, “the only way off the island is through the other 99. read more

Bitcoin payments coming to Steam

Steam Bitcoin payments have been rumoured for a while and now there’s confirmation via a post made by Valve on the Steam developmer forums.The update states that Valve will be using an external payment provider to process the payments. read more

RUINER reveals isometric cyberpunk violence

Channeling more than a little bit of Akira, Reikon’s RUINER is looking to add another decent cyberpunk game to the PC’s collection.Not a bad ambition by any means, and this isometric(ish) title looks to be taking a predominantly combat-driven approach. read more