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Rocket League Hoops Mode launches next week

After being teased a few weeks ago, Psyonix will be launching the new Hoops Mode for Rocket League on 26 April.The update will be free and there will be an officially-licensed “NBA Flag Pack” representing all 30 NBA teams as paid DLC which will cost $1. read more

Battlefleet: Gothic Armada launch trailer

As the Planet Killer of Warmaster Abaddon completes its devastating assault, the moment of victory lies within the grasp of Chaos.The Imperial Navy though will not yield at the last, and summons reinforcements and support from their allies – the angels of death, the Space Marines, whose a few ships are unveiled for the first time in this video. read more

Mindfield Games' exploration adventure P.O.L.L.E.N released

Mindfield Games has just released their first-person exploration adventure P.The game was designed to work with VR support, and when tried it out last year, they appeared to have a great grasp of what does and doesn’t work in VR. read more

Dark Souls 3 players banned but not all are cheating

From Software has been bringing down the ban hammer in the past 24 hours on Dark Souls 3 accounts suspected of cheating.However, some legitimate players have found themselves being banned. read more

Fallout 4 Update 1.5 beta on Steam now

Ahead of the next piece of Fallout 4 DLC, Far Harbor, Bethesda has kicked out a new beta patch.The patch is now available on Steam and comes with more Survival Mode features and more stability and performance tweaks. read more

Total War: Warhammer – Bretonnia playable in custom battles and multiplayer

Creative Assembly has announced that the Bretonnia race will be playable in Total War: Warhammer.The Bretonnians will make an appearance in the game’s custom and multiplayer battles, but not in the Grand Campaign. read more

Dark Souls PC multiplayer is back online today

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of multiplayer in the Steam version of Dark Souls is not solved, but the multiplayer itself has been restored today.Problems with the multiplayer have been going on for several days, tied to internal changes to the “usemms” function. read more

Win a copy of Battlezone 98 Redux

Rebellion has done a great job remastering the 1998 Battlezone release with Battlezone 98 Redux and we’re giving you a chance to win a copy of the game.To enter all you need to do is carry out one of the actions below. read more

HEX: Shards of Fate lands on Steam

The time has finally come: HEX is now also available on Steam.You can now add our game to your games library, download it and play. read more

Dark Souls board game funded in three minutes

A Kickstarter for a Dark Souls board game went live this evening and it’s already funded.Fans can’t get enough of the game and Steamforge Games’ Kickstarter for the Dark Souls boardgame managed to get funded in three minutes. read more

The World of Warcraft Movie gets a second trailer

Legendary Pictures and Blizzard has released the second World of Warcraft movie trailer ahead of its release.This trailer is longer than the previous release and it looks slightly better than the first trailer, although some of the CGI is still a bit jarring. read more

TASTEE: Lethal Tactics leaves Early Access on 10 May

Given the nature of TASTEE: Lethal Tactics, that headline should probably read “lobs a smoke grenade and unexpectedly bursts out of Early Access”.It’s a turn-based planning, simultaneous action style title (think Frozen Synapse) from Skybox Labs, probably best known for the HD versions of Age of Empires. read more

Mirror's Edge Catalyst PC system requirements released

Ahead of the closed beta session scheduled for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, DICE have put up some PC system requirements for the game.As usual there are minimum and recommended set-ups listed. read more

Meridian: Squad 22 coming to Steam Early Access

RTS developer Ede Tarsoly of Elder Games is back with a sequel to his 2014 release Meridian: New World called Meridian: Squad 22.In this new game, leaders of the United Earth decide to send a highly trained specialist squad to planet Meridian to find the crew and bring them home. read more

The Walking Dead: Michonne concludes 26 April

The Walking Dead: Michonne, Telltale’s three-part series based around some of the untold adventures of the titular heroine, will conclude this month.Much as I like Michonne’s character, the series hasn’t lived up to Telltale’s best so far. read more

Ex-World of Warcraft dev Mark Kern explains why Blizzard should open vanilla servers

Last week the private vanilla World of Warcraft server Nostalrius closed its door following legal action from Blizzard.PCI: Do you think there will be enough support for vanilla servers from the community? read more

The Banner Saga 2 Review

People who like to play and replay character-centric titles to arrange the ‘perfect’ storyline may be pushed beyond the brink of sanity by The Banner Saga 2.The message is pretty clear: playing The Banner Saga 2 without knowledge of the first part is at your own risk. read more

Mafia 3 One Way Road story trailer - Release date revealed

2K has been keeping Mafia 3 well under wraps and today is the first mention of it in some time.We were expecting it to be released quite soon. read more

Star Citizen won't fullfill it's stretch goals for release

The latest Star Citizen Ten for the Chairman episode has just been released and it contains comments from CEO Chris Roberts that might not please everybody.Stretch goals were set up to $65 million before CIG decided to stop offering further funding goals. read more

Original Dark Souls multiplayer has mysteriously been disabled

PC gamers who have been delving into the first Dark Souls before playing through the rest of the series have been disappointed to find that multiplayer has been disabled.The problems started last week when all multiplayer functionality vanished. read more