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Overwatch closed beta closing next week - Latest dev update

Blizzard is getting close to a full Overwatch release and they will shortly be closing down the closed beta.The closed beta will shut down on 25 April ahead of the open beta which will launch on 5 may and run until 9 May. read more

World of Warcraft Legion launches 30 August

This is the sixth expansion for the game and the Burning Legion are back for another round.In this one heroes must “unlock the mysteries of the mythic Broken Isles” and stop  warlock Gul’dan’s invading demonic force. read more

Battlezone 98 Redux Review

There’s the VR Battlezone game that’s coming, but Battlezone 98 Redux is what we’ve been playing.There’s the tank/shooting aspect of the game which involves moving around in hover tanks and other vehicles and then blasting the enemy, but where Battlezone 98 excels is the strategy. read more

Rebellion planning more remastered games

Following today’s release of Battlezone 98 Redux, Rebellion has revealed there’s more remasters to come.We’re also delighted to reveal we have more Redux games in the pipeline. read more

Battlezone 98 Redux has been released

Rebellion’s remaster of the classic 1998 Activision Battlezone release, Battlezone 98 Redux,   has now been launched on Steam.The remastered version has been created by Big Boat Interactive with one of the original team member’s, Mike Arkin at the helm. read more

Insomniac creating two more Oculus VR games, Feral Rites and The Unspoken

Insomniac Games has a further two Oculus Rift games in the works, Feral Rites and The Unspoken.Apparently you;ll be avenging the death of your father with the power to transform into some sort of feral beast. read more

SEGA partners with Utomik's Netflix-like service for games

Today SEGA has announced they are bringing their titles to the service.The service already includes titles such as Darksiders, Overlord, Titan Quest, The Raven, Evoland II and this latest deal will be a boost their catalogue. read more

Hitman gets new Sapienza screens

The next installment of Hitman, Episode 2, is called Sapienza and it launches next week on 26 April.A new batch of four screens have surfaced from Square today showing more of the Mediterranean themed content. read more

DOOM open beta extended

The weekend is coming to a close but the DOOM multiplayer will go on.Bethesda has announced that the DOOM open beta will now conclude 18 April at 11:59 ET giving shooter fans an extra day to keep playing and testing the game. read more

Steam Top Sellers for week ending 17 April

It was pretty obvious what would make the Steam top sellers list this week and this week’s charts should be called the Dark Souls 3 Edition.The latest installment has been selling well and according to SteamSpy more than 600K users own the game. read more

Ex-WoW dev Mark Kern will take vanilla server petition to Mike Morhaime

Earlier this week the World of Warcraft community lost access to the private vanilla Nostalrius servers and a petition was launched.As expected, the servers went dark this week which prompted the launch of a petition requesting Blizzard launch vanilla WoW servers. read more

Battleborn PC beta gets ranked matchmaking

There’s another update to the Battleborn beta this evening, ranked matchmaking.The update and collection of “valuable data” will help Gearbox balance the game prior to its final release. read more

Shovel Knight digital sales surpass one million, amiibo sales reach 180,000

His continued success even saw the release of a Shovel Knight amiibo, becoming the first indie character to receive such an honor.The news is greatly pleasing to Yacht Club, who admits that their previous games were lucky to break 50,000 sales. read more

Games Inbox: Are you excited for Titanfall 2?

The new Titanfall game is going to be awesome.Some of the matches I played were so intense that I felt I didn’t need to play it for a while. read more

Games Inbox: Why are UK developers obsessed by racing games?

And after the fall of Lionhead Studios it would have been another disaster for British developers.The fact that it will make Codemasters the biggest racing developer in the world is also interesting, although it made me start to wonder why British developers are so obsessed with racing game. read more

New Star Wars: Battlefront DLC has Lando Calrissian and Dengar

DICE has revealed the contents of the second DLC expansion, based around Bespin, but it doesn’t sound much better than the first.Lando Calrissian and Dengar will be the new hero characters in Battlefront’s second DLC pack, due out in June. read more

House votes to undermine net neutrality rules, and ISPs cheer

The House of Representatives today approved a Republican proposal that limits the Federal Communications Commission's authority to regulate Internet providers.But the bill defines "rate regulation" so broadly that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says it could prevent the commission from enforcing net neutrality rules against blocking and throttling. read more

Games Inbox: How many hours do you play games a week?

I don’t usually bother too much about Trophies but I really want that platinum exclusive dashboard theme.I deeply regret not taking the time to get used to its game mechanics when I first got it. read more

Obama supports cable box competition and—surprise—cable lobby is angry

Shortly after, the top cable lobby group expressed its displeasure, saying the White House's statement "may be good politics, but it's bad government.Obama announced today that his administration is calling on the FCC to convert the NPRM into final rules that "open up set-top cable boxes to competition. read more

Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin trailer confirms iOS and Android release this spring in Japan

We saw this coming, but didn't want to believe it Valkyrie Profile fans have had quite the week.Monday saw a teaser site for Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin go up with a spring 2016 distribution window for Japan. read more