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Rememory Pack, Antique Floor-Tile Hacking Kit

They bend around curvy surfaces or flex to fit tight corners, the stencil pack has multiple designs to allow you to paint on geometric, flower patterns, wavy floor tile designs and more.You can use the stencil pack on walls:  You can use Rememory Packs in a variety of settings from furniture to indoor DIY projects: You can use Rememory Stencils outside, in the street, on your favorite board  Use them indoors for your room, your office or as a special project  Each Rememory stencil pack includes 4 unique patterns. read more

WellbriX is a modular massage system Every•Body•Well

This modular system is one of the ways that WellbriX is unique.What is more is WellbriX massage feels amazing and at a fraction of the cost of deep tissue or sports massage. read more

Game review: The Banner Saga 2 is grim but beautiful

That’s the approach The Banner Saga goes for though, and that makes it simultaneously a very daring and very predictable follow-up.That, and treating each new game as merely a new episode in a larger story tends to discourage gameplay innovation. read more

Boerue - Shamanic Sci-Fi Animation Series

You’ve been to Olympus, seen Ra and fallen in love with Thor, experienced karma and achieved Nirvana.As an animation series, Boerue is about examining the synergy of art, religion and science by asking two important questions: “Who is entitled to posess knowledge? read more

Pyre is the beautiful next game from the team behind Transistor

The studio describes it as a game about leading "a band of exiles through an ancient competition spread across a vast, mystical purgatory," and like Supergiant's previous releases, it looks absolutely gorgeous.Aside from that, though, we don't know a lot about Pyre just yet. read more

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst delayed until June

The new release date for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is June 9, a delay of two weeks.According to a blog post by DICE’s Erik Odeldahl this is to ensure they have time to address feedback on the online social elements, after this weekend’s beta. read more

PIXO – Magnetic tablet mount for desktop computers

As seen on: With Pixo you can attach your tablet to your desktop computer and enjoy working comfortably with an increased display surface.Just attach your tablet to your desktop computer and enjoy working comfortably with an increased display surface. read more

Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: The best offline multiplayer games

The multiplayer games on these were a bit more advanced, with sports games like Daley Thompson’s Decathlon, Track & Field, and Hyper Sports (say goodbye to your keyboard buttons) and then turn-based games like Laser Squad and Lords Of Chaos.It was with the SNES for me that multiplayer games really made their mark. read more

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE gets limited edition bundles in North America and Europe

You can't get this at HeeHaw Mart Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Nintendo and Atlus' Fire Emblem-meets-Shin Megami Tensei crossover game for the Wii U, remains one of the stranger collaboration projects that both companies nonetheless managed to see through to the very end.This June 24th North America and Europe will find out if teenagers with J-pop attitude were the heroes both franchises really needed, and Nintendo makes the proposition all the sweeter with a limited edition package for fans. read more

Help Three Busy Debras Play Carnegie Hall

We are Three Busy Debras, the comedic trio of Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari, and Alyssa Stonoha.Our play "Three Busy Debras" had a sold-out weekly run at the Annoyance Theatre NY for 3 months, as well as a sold-out performance at UCB LA. read more

Mirror's Edge Catalyst has been delayed until June

The return of Faith will have to wait just a little bit longer: today EA announced that the next game in the Mirror's Edge franchise has been delayed until June.This marks the second delay for the game; Mirror's Edge Catalyst was originally slated for a February launch, before being pushed back to May 24th. read more

Guile to join Street Fighter V as April DLC character with new getup but same ol' hairdo

In SFV he gains the ability to move while crouching, providing Guile players with more opportunities to punish with the charge-based move.Meanwhile Guile's V-Skill, the Sonic Blade, is a new stationary projectile that even boosts the durability of his other Sonic Booms. read more

Final Fantasy XV brings 16-bit buddies and Masamune as digital pre-order bonuses

There is a serious lack of moogles and kupos Square Enix has revealed a few bonuses for fans who have already placed or plan on placing pre-orders for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.For the most part, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers will get the same items. read more

Rumor: PlayStation 4K codenamed "NEO," Sony forgot the "seeker"

Whether it's a software update for the PlayStation 4 or something bigger like PlayStation VR, Sony isn't afraid to give it an internal name.When PlayStation 4K rumors started circulating last month, it seemed odd that we instantly started calling it 4K as though it were the final product name. read more

Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits: Part Four (The Finale!)

In Part Four, time finally runs out for ghostly Nena to find her family, and an eerie presence joins the hunt for her soul.Reviews for Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits ". read more

Apexis Crystal Bonus Event Underway

Through Monday, the Sign of Apexis Bonus Event is back.You’re now receiving bonus Apexis Crystals from eligible creatures, and don’t forget to pick up the event-only quest The Time to Strike, which rewards you with big piles of Apexis Crystals, Garrison Resources, and Oil when you complete five Apexis objectives. read more

Tak: A Beautiful Game

Our goal was to design a new game with a sense of history; a beautiful game with simple rules and deep strategy.Student: At the $15 level, you'll receive the hardcover Tak companion book, tentatively titled Tak: A Beautiful Game. read more

Game review: Audioshield is the first VR music game

The creator of Audiosurf turns his rhythm action classic into one of the coolest games in the Vive virtual reality line-up.That’s fine though, music games don’t need to be complicated to be enjoyable, and despite the infinite number of possible tracks you could pick there’s still an online leaderboard for each individual song. read more

Yo-Kai Sangokushi and Dragon Quest Monsters remain Japan's top sellers

This week also sees the return of Super Mario Maker to the top ten, which we haven't seen since January.The gap between first and second was a bit narrower this week, with Yo-Kai Sangokushi only selling 41,768 units. read more

Send Jos to Vienna to become a DanceWeb Scholar this summer

This summer I've been chosen to attend the 2016 ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival in Vienna, Austria.Out of over 1,000 applicants I've been selected to attend as a DanceWeb Scholar,a highly selective international scholarship that provides artists with a summer of intensive study during the ImPulsTanz Dance Festival. read more