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Do you own any of these valuable video games? You uld make THOUSANDS

But out there, somewhere, lie cartridges and discs that could make you a small fortune.And whoever does, could make thousands. read more

Nintendo taking five upcoming titles to PAX East, Metroid Prime: Federation Force launches August 19

Among those is Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which has also received a release date of August 19 for North America.The five games Nintendo is taking are Star Fox Zero, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Kirby: Planet Robobot, Monster Hunter Generations, and Metroid Prime: Federation Force. read more

The Foreigner, Volume 1 - Graphic Novel

Cast into the desolate and war-torn land of Ravenika, Kaz must wage peace between fierce battling brother kings to find his way back home.The Foreigner is an original graphic novel written and illustrated by Kensuke Okabayashi, professional illustrator and published author. read more

Bot Party 3.0

Think Whose Line is it Anyway meets Depero's Futurist ballets meets a community of makers.Our robots range from automated puppets to retired industrial arms to characters remotely powered by haywire chatbots, walking the fine line between Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Stupidity. read more

UK intel agencies spy indiscriminately on millions of innocent folks

The documents reveal the details of so-called "Bulk Personal Datasets," or BPDs, which can contain "hundreds to millions of records" on people who are not suspected of any wrongdoing.One document, entitled "SIA Bulk Personal Data Policy," states that "Whilst DPA [the Data Protection Act] refers only to 'a living individual', many bulk personal datasets will contain details about individuals who are dead. read more

The rise of the $400 smartphone—you want how much for a flagship?

There's an exciting new category of phone on the block—the "cheap flagship," a phone that has flagship or very-close-to-flagship specs but only costs around $400.One of the earliest examples of a high-profile cheap flagship was Google's Nexus line. read more

Corsair Rapidfire mini-review: Low-profile mechanical keys, anyone?

Enter the K70 and K65 Rapidfire keyboards, which are kitted out with the all-new mechanical Cherry MX Speed switch.By contrast, my mechanical switch of choice, the Cherry MX Brown, has a much larger 2mm actuation distance and 55g actuation force. read more

Games Inbox: What are your memories of the Xbox 360?

The game was OK, but the fantasy setting and gameplay failed to grab me, no sale for this title.I’m close to putting eight hours into it and I still haven’t finished it (I reckon still another couple more hours to go). read more

Build Entheon with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

Surrender to Love in the Family Room with Alex Grey's original paintings Kissing, Copulating, Pregnancy, Birth, Nursing and Holy Family.Take a journey through the relics of Alex and Allyson's provocative performance art rituals that led to the creation of Entheon. read more


Maybe it's a hot summer day, you've got the car windows open and you're on your way somewhere fabulous.We still need to: We are aiming for a late September 2016 album launch date, ahead of our national tour in February 2017. read more

Deals With Gold: The Taken King Amongst This Week's Offers

This week's Deals With Gold are now live and there are savings to be found on a whole bunch of titles across the Xbox One and Xbox 360 digital stores.On Xbox One, the highlight looks to be Destiny: The Taken King, which gets up to a 50% cut depending on which version you're interested in, though the Games Workshop's Blood Bowl 2 has had its price hammered down by some 75%. read more

Microsoft ending Xbox 360 hardware production after over 10 years on the market

Any Xbox 360 consoles left on retailer shelves will be very last as Microsoft intends to sell through its remaining stock worldwide.The good news is that it's only the hardware that will be moving on, for now; Microsoft will keep Xbox Live services running for all Xbox 360 owners, and the company will also continue to provide technical support for Xbox 360 hardware. read more

You Can Trick Your Brain Into Not Procrastinating

Greek poets and Roman scholars warned citizens to not “put your work off till tomorrow and the day after.Because the prefrontal cortex works at a slower pace than the limbic system, you’ll end up procrastinating until it eventually overrides the instinctual urge to avoid doing your task. read more

That Bird: A Poll

It’s true: people love Pepe.He’s willing to go anywhere with you. read more

Why You Can’t Find Prince’s Music Online

But one thing has been noticeably absent from the public display of mourning: links to all of the music that Prince’s fans adore and celebrate.Here is the reason you can’t post a video of “When Doves Cry” with your “RIP Prince” post on Facebook: Prince believed that artists should be paid, and the internet does not facilitate that. read more

Microsoft is stopping production of the Xbox 360

A decade later, Microsoft has finally ceased production on the Xbox 360.Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles. read more

Apple pays $25M to a university—and the patent troll it cut a deal with

9 million to a "patent troll" to end a lawsuit over its Siri voice system, according to documents filed yesterday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.Publicly traded Marathon Patent Group, whose business is focused on patent licensing and lawsuits, will split the settlement cash with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), the New York technical university that provided the patents. read more

Opera bundles free, unlimited VPN client into its browser

The Norwegian company said that the latest version of its browser is only available via its "Developer" channel, and added that the VPN service is currently free of charge, and has no limits in traffic or usage time.The main advantages of having a VPN client built into the browser include improving public Wi-Fi security, hiding the IP address, and bypassing website access restrictions, Opera said. read more

HBO Now arrives on Xbox One

Just in time for Beyoncé's special — and the season premiere of Game of Thrones, if that's more your style — HBO Now has launched on the Xbox One.The app rolled out this morning, giving people without cable subscriptions the chance to sign up for HBO and stream its huge catalog of TV series. read more

Beat Cop announced by This War of Mine devs

The morally dubious cop genre is looking fairly healthy these days, with the upcoming This is the Police and now Beat Cop dealing with compromised police scenarios.11 bit studios (This War of Mine) and Pixel Crow (an indie team who worked on the Witcher series) are collaborating on this one. read more