Legion Alpha: Two New Pets and Pet Battle World Quests

Two new pets were included in the — the Gleamhoof Fawn and Azsuna Sandpiper. The is a wild pet that can be found in Val'sharah. for this new fawn model, but it's unknown if players will ever get the chance to collect the other five. The second newest pet to be added to the Alpha is the , a wild pet from Azsuna. There are currently 29 new wild pets in Legion, plus many other pets from different sources. With so many new pets, the will be a welcome addition! Muffinus, also known as developer Jeremy Feasel, shared an overview of a new feature for max level characters coming in Legion — World Quests. [] Players that reach level 110 in the expansion will unlock quests of varying content, including new Pet Battle challenges. Completing these World quests can reward different types of loot, such as toys, mounts, gear, and even new pets! We'll have more detailed information on the Pet Battle World Quests and their rewards in the near future, so stay tuned.

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