Hearthstone: Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments 160

Watch the latest episode of Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments series!

The 160th episode of Funny and Lucky Moments has a fulfilling amount of pretty good clips. In the first one, Shadybunny snatches the victory thanks to a gift from his opponent's Spellslinger. In two different clips, we see ways (one of them resulting in a tie) to counter the opponent Hunter's Explosive Trap while on 2 Health.

In another clip, Mind Control Tech totally saves the day in one of the best comebacks we've ever seen! Lastly, our very own L0rinda achieves one of his life goals and finally gets featured in a Trolden episode... as a caster. OK, his co-caster, Raven, talks more in this clip, but it's great to hear that familiar voice. The clip itself is quite amusing too, as well as the arrogant reaction of the winner.

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