One Special Day charity initiative asks for 100%

A charity drive in aid of the UK's Special Effect is asking game companies to give 100 per cent to help the work of the tireless team behind one of the country's finest gaming good causes.

One Special Day is an event which hopes to persuade studios to donate 100 per cent of a days revenues, or ad income, or in-app purchases, or DLC or, in fact anything, to support the incredible work being done by Dr Mick Donegan and his team, who create bespoke gaming equipment to allow severely disabled children to escape into the wonderful worlds which games can provide.

"We're asking the games industry to be loud and proud about supporting our work in helping people with all kinds of physical disabilities to play video games," said Donegan. "It's a great opportunity for companies to demonstrate CSR in a way that resonates with their own communities, and we'll be promoting One Special Day to the national media with the message that this is an industry in unity for a worthwhile cause."

Both First Touch and New Star Games have already committed to the July 15th event, pledging an entire days revenues in aid of the charity.

"One Special Day is an opportunity for the games industry to follow other industries by uniting on one day to help a cause that is so close to our work and I would urge other developers to join us on One Special Day and donate 100% of revenue from the day to SpecialEffect," said First Touch CEO Charles Chapman.

New Star Games founder Simon Read added, "When you spend your life creating and playing games it's easy to take them for granted, so when I try to imagine having this hobby and passion taken away from me it makes it all the easier to see what wonderful work SpecialEffect are doing. New Star are long term and passionate supporters of SpecialEffect and are delighted to be part of One Special Day which will be a life changing day for the charity and the people they help to game."

Other companies already on board include Ripstone Games, Nomad Games, Devolver Digital, Tag Games and nDreams. To get involved, contact the SpecialEffect team on +44 (0)1608 810055 or 07984 822433, or email [email protected]

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