Heroes of the Dorm Finals This Weekend & New Observer Interface - News

These questions will probably be asked multiple times over the weekend so hopefully I can shed some light onto this for you!

This User Interface (UI) was created for use in the Heroes of the Dorm broadcast this weekend. Other broadcasts outside of Heroes of the Dorm will continue to use the UIs you are likely already familiar with.

Additionally, creating a UI that is television-safe is a very intricate and tricky process. In order to accommodate the variety of resolutions and varied spectrum of other challenges this UI was created.

I ask kindly that you give the minimap and UI a shot and listen in to the casters as they will be your guides for this weekend's gameplay.

We always appreciate feedback and look to ever improve our broadcasts so please do let us know what you think of the production after the weekend is over!

It feels like they are forcing way too much of an ESPN/'sports'-theme.

It's being broadcast on ESPN so I guess the UI team hit the mark!

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