6 essential tips for conquering the Doom beta this weekend

With no health regeneration, you’ll have to drastically rethink your approach to close-range battles. There’s no chance of ducking briefly around a corner in order to come back into the fight stronger. If you try to sustain any engagement in Doom for too long, you’ll just come back dead. Most face-offs are fast bouts of strategic one-upmanship, not drawn-out fights of attrition.

In order to do well out of that, you need to always, always keep an eye on your health, and be constantly aware of just how much damage you can put out in the next few seconds versus how much you can take. Personally, I won’t go hunting unless I have at least 90%. If someone engages you when you’re at 70 - 80% or less, and you can’t safely take them down fast, just get the hell out of there and heal up. And if you get hit by multiple attackers in that sort of health range, forget it. There’s no incentive in taking on that battle. As much as its fast, smart gunplay, Doom is all about weighing up wider tactical advantages on the fly. And with so many routes through each map, disappearing to heal before coming back at a surprise angle can be a really powerful technique.

And as for healing up…

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