Microsoft's CaptionBot doesn't understand video games

This is Microsoft CaptionBot. It's a prototype tool (which ANYONE can visit, so go and give it a try) for labelling images. Apparently, CaptionBot can recognise any image and describe it "as well as any human". It's a truly astonishing piece of tech, and represents 1000s of hours of work by some of the smartest, most dedicated people on the planet. Naturally, then, the GamesRadar+ team immediately tried to use it for mischief...

As a team, we fed it a bunch of video game images to see what CaptionBot made of them. The results are shown over the next few pages, and they're all hilarious. We kinda feel bad laughing at such a smart, innovative piece of technology, but we can't help it. And the more we posted, the more under-confident CaptionBot seemed, making us feel rather like the playground bully, flushing the nerdy kid's head down the toilet and... oh my god, we're monsters. Ho hum. Take a look at what CaptionBot things about video games...

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