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Blue Posts and Tweets: General Legion Updates #9

Our first blue post is coming out from Celestalon on the Windwalker Monk forums.It looks like more changes are coming for the Monks, despite such drastic changes already happening in the new build. read more

"I don't want a world where games try to be more like Hollywood"

was like, 'those guys are doing really cool stuff' and he was thinking about that when his son started playing Infinity Blade.He's like, no, let's not make games like a movie. read more

BAFTA adds 90 new games members to BAFTA Crew

BAFTA has added 90 new games members to its BAFTA Crew this year.The BAFTA Crew (Games) is funded by Creative Skillset and run in partnership with the Wellcome Trust and is a a professional networking and skills development programme for games professionals from across the UK. read more

What causes indie games to fail?

A few people create enormously successful indie games, the scale of the opportunity becomes clear, and suddenly the world is full of people who want to make the next Minecraft, the next Canabalt, the next Undertale, the next whatever.What are the factors, then, that are causing the diminishing returns so many indie developers seem to be experiencing? read more

Force Field and Vanguard Games merge

Developer Vanguard Games, best known for working on Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike, has merged with VR and AR specialist Force Field.We believe in the incredibly potent future of VR and AR and have made the bold decision to re-focus our entire company. read more

Toytalk targets wider audience, rebrands as PullString

ToyTalk, the interactive entertainment company founded by veterans of Pixar, has rebranded as PullString Inc.The company closed a $15 million series B round back in December 2014, taking its lifetime funding past $30 million. read more

Oculus "don't condone" HTC Vive software hacks

Yesterday brought the news that a few enterprising gamers had found a way to get Oculus Rift exclusive content to run on HTC Vive headsets.Today Oculus has warned users that it's not a fan of the move and future updates will probably kill the hacked games. read more

Q-Games gets new creative producer

Japanese multimedia artist Baiyon has joined Q-Games on a permanent basis.He's worked with them in the past, including overseeing the art design and sound direction for a Playstation 3 title PixelJunk Eden. read more

Housemarque's Antti Kallioinen passes away

The 42-year-old passed away suddenly on February 24 after decades in the games industry.Kallioinen started making games in 1994 as a background artist on the title Elfmania, which was developed by Terramarque (it would merge with fellow Finnish studio Bloodhouse to form Housemarque the next year). read more

Fable Legends' closure marks the end of Lionhead Studios

The beta for Fable Legends, the last project in development at Lionhead Studios, closed for good yesterday.According to a post on the game's official website, the Xbox and Windows Store teams are in the process of providing all players who purchased in-game currency with refunds. read more

NPDs: The Division is the big software seller

The NPD Group's data is in for March.The Division was the month's biggest software seller and hardware, software and accessory sales remained flat. read more

Working With Publishers: A Clarification

This talk gives some insight into things I knew nothing about then, and that I've had to adjust to since.We've worked with publishers because we needed the money to sustain the studio. read more

Nielsen: eSports audience is 81 per cent male

Though eSports is one of the fastest growing markets in the games business, new research from Nielsen indicates that, in terms of audience demographics, it's something of a throwback.Nielsen's 360� Gaming Report laid out some relatively familiar observations about the composition of the increasingly diverse audience for games: 49 per cent of mobile/tablet gamers and 35 per cent of 8th generation console players are female, both of which defy the common perception of gamers from the industry's past. read more

Legion Alpha: Two New Pets and Pet Battle World Quests

The second newest pet to be added to the Alpha is the , a wild pet from Azsuna.There are currently 29 new wild pets in Legion, plus many other pets from different sources. read more

Magic Leap acquires NorthBit - Report

According to a Geektime report, the augmented reality company has acquired Israel-based cybersecurity firm NorthBit.Founded in 2012, NorthBit specializes in computer forensics, reverse engineering, and CPU/memory optimizations. read more

JuiceBox Games shutting down

Michael Martinez, CEO and founder of JuiceBox Games, has announced the San Francisco studio's closure in a comprehensive blog post.Which begs the question, why didn't we build good enough games? read more

Xbox veterans form new mixed reality studio, LOOOK

A pair of Xbox veterans has formed a new mixed reality studio, LOOOK, and it's first move will be to forge a strategic development partnership with the AR developer, Asobo Studio.He left Microsoft in 2013 to pursue opportunities in investment and consultancy. read more

Quantum Break Becomes the Biggest-Selling New Microsoft Studios IP for Xbox One

Microsoft"Last week, on April 5, 2016, we were proud to announce that Quantum Break had launched worldwide to critical acclaim.Today, we are excited to share that Quantum Break was the #1 best-selling Xbox game around the world last week, and is now officially the biggest-selling new Microsoft Studios published IP this generation. read more

Minecraft: Education Edition will launch in early access this June

That deal was intended to serve as the foundation for an edition of Minecraft targeted at schools.Since then, Microsoft has been working with a select group of educators, students and administrators to shape and refine the Education Edition. read more

Ratchet & Clank Review | IGN

IGN:Ratchet and Clank is a culmination of everything Insomniac has done with the series over the past 14 years.It takes the characters that we fell in love with long ago, and sets them off on their most gorgeous quest yet. read more