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Ameritocracy Card Game Now Up On Kickstarter

Most of us have thought about what we’d do if we were in charge of the country.Well, Ameritocracy, a new card game up on Kickstarter, will let you try. read more

Katanas & Trenchcoats RPG Up On Kickstarter

You just kinda start hearing that music if you look at this Kickstarter project.If you like sword-fighting immortals, werewolves, and 90’s gothic settings, you’ll want to check it out. read more

Origin’s Awards Nominees Posted

Who doesn’t like getting an award?You put time, hard work, and money into a project, it’s nice to get some recognition for it. read more

The Unspoken is a PvP-only, VR-exclusive mage duel from the makers of Ratchet & Clank

If we're talking PG-appropriate pastimes, being able to cast magic spells from your hands might be VR's biggest draw yet.Battles between the urban wizards of The Unspoken are strictly one-on-one, and play out a bit like a game of dodgeball (if the dodgeballs were orbs of pure orange flame). read more

Hot Topic – your thoughts on the future of the DC Cinematic Universe

But what does the film mean for the future of DC's Cinematic Universe?The critics may not have been kind, but Dawn of Justice's box office opening was still one of the biggest in history. read more

Someone built a 3-foot, 20 pound Doom BFG from Lego because why the hell not

That literally is a big fucking gun.Youtuber Zazi Nombies built Doom's signature weapon out of a little over 5000 bricks and it weighs 20 pounds. read more

The Division's cheating problem's still a thing. Next up: punishment for Falcon Lost cheesers

The Division hasn't exactly had the smoothest launch, with queuing issues, hacks, missing characters and Ubi has already started handing out three day bans for players who disconnect.The Falcon Lost glitch involves using mobile cover to clip through walls and enter areas without triggering enemies. read more

Hearthstone: Ranked Player Spotlight and Hobgoblin Zoo Deck From Rank One Legend: Tripp

As mentioned in our ranked play article, tripp has not had a top 100 previously and was a previously unknown player.He is only sixteen years old, continuing the trend of young players performing exceedingly well in recent months. read more

Diablo III Season Five Postmortem

A look at the legacy of Season Five, and how it has shaped the game.What will we think of when looking back at Season Five? read more

Gold Making: Transmog Farming - The Admiral's Den

Welcome to my transmog farming guide for the Admiral's Den.The mobs you will be farming are called Den Whomper. read more

Hearthstone Card Reveals: Demented Frostcaller, Shifting Shade, and Twilight Flamecaller

There have been five new cards spoiled over the weekend.This article covers Demented Frostcaller, Shifting Shade, and Twilight Flamecaller. read more

Diablo 3 PTR: Stack Limits on Firebird's and Invoker's Sets

Season 6 is only two weeks away and there are still last minute changes happening in the Patch 2.Recently, stack limits were imposed on Firebird's and Invoker's. read more

New Wrath of Kings Releases Posted

A couple weeks ago at Adepticon, I posted up some photos of the display case for Wrath of Kings.A lot of people were “Oooh! read more

Hearthstone: Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments 160

Watch the latest episode of Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments series!The 160th episode of Funny and Lucky Moments has a fulfilling amount of pretty good clips. read more

HotS: Preseason Leaderboards March 2016

They might have been a bit late this time, but the March 2016 Heroes of the Storm leaderboards are finally here!Let's see the top players of the last month in the Americas and in Europe. read more

Guest Column: Constraint Breeds Creativity

You obviously have economical constraints, geographical constraints, cultural constraints language constraints.Even outside of the game jam context, constraint was a tool used by Campo Santo to help get Firewatch over the line. read more

CMON Expo 2016 Update

It’s also time for another update about this year’s CMON Expo.There’s a couple things you’ll want to check out, as the Events and Guests got another update. read more

Blue Posts and Tweets: General Legion Updates #9

Our first blue post is coming out from Celestalon on the Windwalker Monk forums.It looks like more changes are coming for the Monks, despite such drastic changes already happening in the new build. read more

"I don't want a world where games try to be more like Hollywood"

was like, 'those guys are doing really cool stuff' and he was thinking about that when his son started playing Infinity Blade.He's like, no, let's not make games like a movie. read more

BAFTA adds 90 new games members to BAFTA Crew

BAFTA has added 90 new games members to its BAFTA Crew this year.The BAFTA Crew (Games) is funded by Creative Skillset and run in partnership with the Wellcome Trust and is a a professional networking and skills development programme for games professionals from across the UK. read more