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The new Gears 4 trailer is all about family, guns, & a tree for some reason

There is so much to talk about with this new Gears of War 4 trailer.Or how, in a completely pitch dark forest, JD Fenix manages to run into the only tree on fire. read more

Hearthstone Card Reveals: Wisps of the Old Gods and Soggoth the Slitherer

The rate of reveals has slowed down slightly over the last few days, and these two cards bring us right up to date with every card so far.Often in spoiler seasons, there is a mass reveal of leftover cards a week or so from release. read more

PlayStation 3.50 System Software Update Out Tomorrow

Posted by John Koller on Apr 05, 2016 // Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SCEAOur next major system software update for PS4, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), is out tomorrow! read more

Leaked God of War 4 concept art shows Norse Mythology setting

The site in question is Nerd Leaks, a site that seemingly specialised in leaking gaming-related stuff.The site recently found some images that were created by a former Sony Santa Monica concept artist, or at least he was a part-timer or something. read more

Warcraft Movie: Medivh and Khadgar Posters

Along with the eight new posters released a few days ago, Warcraft's Tumblr has been updated with two posters of Medivh and Khadgar respectively.I'd like to focus on Medivh, since it's probably the first time we get a good look at him. read more

Gold Making: Farming for Whelplings

Within this guide I will show where to farm each of the trade-able whelpling pets and give you hints to maximize your farming potential.For each whelpling I will be posting an average pet price. read more

Diablo 3: Season 5 Ends This Friday & Seasonal Stash Clarification - News

As we've already said, Season 5 will end on the 15th of April and Season 6 will start two weeks afterwards, on April 29.There is also a thread in the official forums, where you can share your experiences and accomplishments during Season 5. read more

Heroes of the Storm: Epic Plays & Moments #66 - News

It's been a while since we last featured the Epic Plays & Moments series, so hopefully KendricSwissh isn't holding a grudge!At any case, here's the latest episode. read more

TGN Exclusive Preview From Blood & Plunder

The fine fellows over at Firelock Games have given us an exclusive preview of their upcoming game Blood & Plunder, which will launch on Kickstarter on the 19th.That game, by the way, is a historical 28mm miniatures game that takes place in the 17th century. read more

Hearthstone: March Ranked Play Standings for Europe and Americas Regions

The final standings from Ranked Play Season 24 on the Europe and Americas servers have been published.Well known pro player Kolento finished on top of the list in Europe, while tripp makes his first visit to the Americas top 100 in style. read more

Hearthstone Card Reveals: Cho'Gall and Possessed Villager

In this update we cover Cho'Gall and Possessed Villager.This brings the total number of cards revealed so far to fifty five. read more

Overwatch: Mendokusaii and TviQ Leave IDDQD - Tournaments This Weekend

Lucas “Mendokusaii” Håkansson and Kevyn “TviQ” Lindström are no longer part of IDDQD.It is unclear what Mendokusaii will be doing, although it is probable that he will join TviQ, as the two are close real-life friends. read more

CoolMiniOrNot Posts New Dark Age Releases

And while she can take all the generic troops allotted for her, she’s got some special ones designed just for her as well.Those have been added to the CMON Webshop to check out. read more

Heroes of the Dorm Finals This Weekend & New Observer Interface - News

These questions will probably be asked multiple times over the weekend so hopefully I can shed some light onto this for you!This User Interface (UI) was created for use in the Heroes of the Dorm broadcast this weekend. read more

Nintendo NX: Everything there is to know about Nintendo's new console

Rarely has an unrevealed Nintendo console garnered such furious speculation in the run-up to its unveiling.And, in contrast to the usual, spurious rumour-mill outpourings, many of them tie together rather logically with the few things we do know about Nintendo’s current hardware initiatives. read more

More Guests Slated For CMON Expo 2016

It’s another Friday (as in actually being a Friday.Not referencing the movie) and that means another CMON Expo 2016 update. read more

The next post-Kojima Metal Gear Solid project is Ford car commercials

What would it take to convince you to buy a Ford?How about the endorsement of a man cloned from the genes of the legendary soldier, Big Boss? read more

The Division Dark Zone is getting hourly supply drops and guaranteed high-end loot

If the Dark Zone is still a little bit too chummy, you can look forward to The Division's lawless multiplayer region becoming far less cordial on an hourly basis as of next week.In an interview posted to the Ubisoft Blog, game director Petter Mannerfelt confirmed that the new Dark Zone supply drops coming in The Division Update 1. read more

Alan Wake's essential post-credits DLC is now free on Xbox One and 360

If you played all the way through Remedy's Alan Wake, you know it has one of the biggest twist endings in video games.Either way though, it's free stuff, so I say grab it while the grabbin's good. read more

Gale Force Nine Announces Star Trek: Ascendancy

Gale Force Nine has announced a brand new Star Trek game that they will be releasing later this year.Don’t just control a ship or even a fleet of ships, but be in charge of an entire species as you look to expand out among the stars. read more