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Heroes of the Dorm Finals This Weekend & New Observer Interface - News

These questions will probably be asked multiple times over the weekend so hopefully I can shed some light onto this for you!This User Interface (UI) was created for use in the Heroes of the Dorm broadcast this weekend. read more

Nintendo NX: Everything there is to know about Nintendo's new console

Rarely has an unrevealed Nintendo console garnered such furious speculation in the run-up to its unveiling.And, in contrast to the usual, spurious rumour-mill outpourings, many of them tie together rather logically with the few things we do know about Nintendo’s current hardware initiatives. read more

More Guests Slated For CMON Expo 2016

It’s another Friday (as in actually being a Friday.Not referencing the movie) and that means another CMON Expo 2016 update. read more

The next post-Kojima Metal Gear Solid project is Ford car commercials

What would it take to convince you to buy a Ford?How about the endorsement of a man cloned from the genes of the legendary soldier, Big Boss? read more

The Division Dark Zone is getting hourly supply drops and guaranteed high-end loot

If the Dark Zone is still a little bit too chummy, you can look forward to The Division's lawless multiplayer region becoming far less cordial on an hourly basis as of next week.In an interview posted to the Ubisoft Blog, game director Petter Mannerfelt confirmed that the new Dark Zone supply drops coming in The Division Update 1. read more

Alan Wake's essential post-credits DLC is now free on Xbox One and 360

If you played all the way through Remedy's Alan Wake, you know it has one of the biggest twist endings in video games.Either way though, it's free stuff, so I say grab it while the grabbin's good. read more

Gale Force Nine Announces Star Trek: Ascendancy

Gale Force Nine has announced a brand new Star Trek game that they will be releasing later this year.Don’t just control a ship or even a fleet of ships, but be in charge of an entire species as you look to expand out among the stars. read more

Wyrd Games Releases April Issue of Wyrd Chronicles

As we get to the weekend, some of us will be headed to our LGS tomorrow in order to get a full day of gaming in.If you’re like me, you’re a morning person (so chances are you’re not like me) and would therefore get to the LGS right at open and have a couple hours to kill before everyone else showed up. read more

Destiny gets new PlayStation-exclusive gear and mission in April 12 update

0 update has a remixed Prison of Elders and a revised Infusion system for all, but it has even more goodies just for PlayStation players.The full suite of PlayStation-exclusive stuff coming to Destiny was laid bare on the PlayStation Blog today, including a new mission, weapons, gear, and even a swanky Sparrow. read more

New Thousand Sons Dreadnaught and Bits Available to Order From Forge World

Oh that hotbed of evil… Ancient Egypt!Anyway, if you’d like to infuse your Chaos Marines with some Ancient Egyptian flavor, you can order the new Dreadnaught and bits from Forge World. read more

For the love of God, stop asking for Knack on PlayStation Plus

So, I have to ask: why the hell are so many people obsessed with it coming to PlayStation Plus?Instead, you should start to think about it as a service designed to get you to discover brand new games - games you otherwise would never have heard of or sought out. read more

GTA Online gets (another) football-inspired Adversary Mode next week

And if you've already fallen behind on GTA Online's steady infusion of clever competitive modes, this weekend will be the ideal time to catch up.From now through Thursday, April 14 competing in the Adversary Modes Playlist will award double GTA$ and Reputation Points. read more

CoolMiniOrNot Posts New Rum & Bones Trailer Video

Rum & Bones: Second Tide is coming to Kickstarter in just a couple days.It’s more than just an expansion, it’s a bit of a revamp of the whole system. read more

Rule Clarifications on Hearthstone's Yogg-Saron

The reveal yesterday of Yogg-Saron, Hope's End threw out many questions regarding the rules of the card.If Yogg-Saron kills itself, the Battlecry will still continue to resolve, but if it kills a hero, the game will end immediately. read more

Halo 5's Nornfang sniper rifle recreated with Lego is a precision-made wonder

Artisanal Lego maniac Nick Brick recreated Nornfang, Linda-058's weapon of choice in Halo 5: Guardians, using 9 pounds worth of bricks, and the end result is just bee-you-tee-ful.It's even better when you realize that the trigger actually moves, the slide pulls back and springs forward, and the magazine and big honkin' scope are both removable. read more

Listen to the first song from the No Man's Sky soundtrack

Initially unveiled in 2013, No Man's Sky has gone from impossible dream game about a virtually infinite universe to a very real and impending release.Since No Man's Sky is procedurally generated and not broken up by levels, the music will likewise change depending on what players do. read more

Achtung! Cthulhu Mega-Bundle Sale Going On Now

Sometimes we miss out on a game system, or it simply wasn’t on our radar until later on.Well, Modiphius hears you and is here to help with their Achtung! read more

5 things you need to know about Uncharted 4, plus The Division & Destiny updates outined: The Wrap Up

This week on the Wrap Up we take a look at the things you really need to know about Uncharted 4, find out what'll happen when The Division's first big update arrives, and look at the last of Bungie's reveals for Destiny's big April overhaul.Seen something newsworthy? read more

Wear your dedication to Dark Souls with the official clothing collection

If you'd like to earn instant acknowledgement from everyone who plays Dark Souls, and confusion or suspicion from everybody else, you'll want to check out Bandai Namco's new Dark Souls apparel.The clothing line features several designs on shirts, hoodies, and hats, and is the big announcement that the publisher teased on Twitter yesterday, if you've been waiting with bated breath. read more

Display your amiibo beautifully with Nintendo's excellent diorama kits

Amiibo were introduced as a way to get more functionality and content out of Nintendo games, but many fans *cough* me *cough cough* have also taken to treating them more as collectibles to show off.There weren't many ways to really do that in a cool way however, until Nintendo unveiled these beautiful diorama kits. read more