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Uncharted 4 sweepstakes prize is a trip around the world for you and your Sully

If you want to live like Nathan Drake (preferably focusing more on treasure and scenic beauty and less on ancient curses and mercenary murder), you should probably go pre-order Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.And I'm not just saying that so you guarantee yourself a copy when it launches on May 10. read more

Privateer Press Announces New Editions of Warmachine and Hordes

The core rules for the game will be in game shops on June 29th, with online versions available for free from the Privateer Press website on June 12th.Anyone visiting Lock & Load Gamefest will be able to check out this new edition there. read more

Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathans Coming To iOS

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty rare thing to find on gaming tables these days.However, fans of the game will soon have a new way to play, and bringing in new players won’t mean tracking down a bunch of out-of-print miniatures, either, as Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathans will soon be making its way to iOS. read more

New 40k Codices Available To Order From Games Workshop

A lot of people that play Warhammer 40k play Space Marines.There’s a couple new ones available to order from GW’s webshop. read more

Parsec – Age of Colonies Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Not quite as vast as the universe, the galaxy is still pretty damn big.At least, that’s the story behind Parsec – Age of Colonies, a new trio of board games up on Kickstarter now. read more

Spartan Games Taking Orders For Halo: Ground Command

Back at Gen Con last year, in the Spartan Games’ booth, there were some miniatures on display for the next Halo game to be coming from the company.We had Halo: Fleet Command, but what about all the fun of running around on the ground, jumping into Warthogs and taking on the Covenant man-to-alien? read more

Two New Mindjammer Adventures Now Available

Well, the fellows over at Modiphius are here to help Mindjammer GMs with the release of two new adventures: The City People and Dominion.The City People takes players aboard the Maggie (full name, The Magnanimous Intervention) as they head out to recently-rediscovered colony world. read more

Times Square Minecraft remake is complete with billboards and building interiors

Fear not: years spent staring at pixelated screens haven't finally done in your vision, making you perceive real-world images as a grid of chunky, colorful squares.What you're seeing is a Minecraft version of Times Square, New York City's beating heart of neon advertising and gawking pedestrians. read more

Watch Titanfall 2's first teaser now: mech swords & worldwide reveal confirmed

The company plans to give Respawn Entertainment's sophomore effort a proper reveal on June 12, presumably at its E3 parallel EA Play event.The trailer shows a drop pod smoking and sparking in an alien jungle, where it's approached approached by a sword-wielding Titan. read more

Diablo 3: Banwaves Cause Dramatic Changes to the Leaderboards

Read our report on how the recent banwaves completely changed the Diablo 3 competitive field.As a result, the Diablo 3 leaderboards have dramatically changed. read more

Watch Star Fox Zero's lovely tribute to Satoru Iwata

Nintendo is coming up on a year without Satoru Iwata, but the late president and CEO "with the heart of a gamer" is still remembered in his company's credit sequences.I got a bit choked up when I saw Satoru Iwata listed as executive producer at the end of Fire Emblem Fates, and Star Fox Zero has a message that is cause for even more tearful remembrance. read more

What If Diablo and Starcraft Had a Baby? Well, You Can See Inside!

All shenanigans aside, if you have ever pondered this question, I have an answer for you today.It would seem that some excellent person called EGOD has taken this question so seriously, that they've gone and bothered to make it happen. read more

Fans launch campaign to get San Marino included in FIFA 17

Fans have launched a campaign to have Europe's least successful international team included in FIFA petition (which is on the verge of 300 signatures), in the hope of attracting the Canadian publisher's attention. read more

HotS: Free Hero Rotation & Weekly Sales: April 12 - 19, 2016, Kael'thas Temporarily Disabled - News

This week's Free-to-Play Hero Rotation has been updated with a new set of Heroes.In addition, Kael'thas has been temporarily disabled in Ranked Modes and competitive games, due to his trait bug. read more

Someone made a real gun look like a Nintendo Zapper because that can't possibly go wrong

Guns as a rule are loud, violent things that kill people so I'm quite in favour of not adding any 'cute' to them.So step up Precision Syndicate which came up with this Nintendo shooter, saying, "WOW, this glock turned out good! read more

The Division's broken daily missions will be fixed with the big April 12th update

A bug has somehow killed The Division's daily challenges over the weekend.The missions are usually cycled every day and hand out special rewards, specifically purple/yellow loot and Phoenix Credits. read more

Blue Posts: PvP and Class Information

Today's post covers tuning in PvP, Monks, Priests and Rogues.Our first post of the day is a large one covering the various aspects of PvP tuning on the Alpha. read more

The new Gears 4 trailer is all about family, guns, & a tree for some reason

There is so much to talk about with this new Gears of War 4 trailer.Or how, in a completely pitch dark forest, JD Fenix manages to run into the only tree on fire. read more

Hearthstone Card Reveals: Wisps of the Old Gods and Soggoth the Slitherer

The rate of reveals has slowed down slightly over the last few days, and these two cards bring us right up to date with every card so far.Often in spoiler seasons, there is a mass reveal of leftover cards a week or so from release. read more

PlayStation 3.50 System Software Update Out Tomorrow

Posted by John Koller on Apr 05, 2016 // Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SCEAOur next major system software update for PS4, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), is out tomorrow! read more