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The Community Spotlight - 04/23/2016

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, ZombiePie, am once again honored to be your host.This being the week of PAX East 2016 means that the Giant Bomb staff should be involved in all sorts of hilarious nonsense. read more

Honor and Treachery: The Battle of Ravenwood 2-Player Starter For Wrath of Kings Now Available

You get pretty much all you need to get you and an opponent playing a game as soon as possible.Well, Wrath of Kings has themselves a brand new 2-player starter that you can pick up now. read more

Zombicide: Wulfsburg Expansion Now Available

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand, walkin’ through the streets of Soho in the rain.Ok, being fair, I’ve never been to London, and thus, never to Soho. read more

Warbands: Bushido Miniatures Video Game Up On Kickstarter

But most of them don’t actually play like a tabletop game.So what if you’re out, away from your minis, but you want to play a minis game? read more

ARK: Survival of the Fittest brings dinosaur Hunger Games to PS4 on July 19

But surviving isn't all you do in ARK; there's also PvP combat and dinosaurs to tame, and it's these aspects that primary developer Studio Wildcard has decided to spin off into its own game, titled ARK: Survival of the Fittest.In Survival of the Fittest, up to 72 players are dropped into a map where they must scavenge and quickly build up gear so as to defeat the competition. read more

Gale Force Nine is Hiring

As I’ve mentioned before, working at a gaming company isn’t like working in Willy Wonka’s factory.It’s with that in mind that I’m telling you that Gale Force Nine is hiring for several different spots in their Nottingham office. read more

New Jaguar Tribe Available For Savage Core From Warlord Games

It was hilarious to listen to my professor muttering under her breath about all the things that were wrong.I wonder what she’d have to say about the new Jaguar Tribe minis for Savage Core from Warlord Games. read more

Neill Blomkamp's Aliens sequel is 'worth the wait' says Sigourney Weaver

Around this time last year, everyone lost their collective cool when Neill Blomkamp teased a potential Alien sequel.It was a glorious time to be an Alien fan, especially when Ridley Scott came onboard to produce the movie along with his own Prometheus sequel. read more

Blutrausch Legion Added To Rum & Bones Kickstarter

Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of Sobe Citrus Energy (being a teetotaler, I don’t drink rum.The wild winds in the world of Rum & Bones has brought forth some strange creatures in this Kickstarter campaign. read more

GTA Online update adds new PvP maps and a boat sale - get 'em while they're yachts

The latest GTA Online update is now live, and players looking to live the high life should take note: not only will you earn double the amount of GTA$ and RP from April 22 to April 28 by participating in the featured playlist, but you can also take that cash and buy yourself a freaking yacht at a hot discount of 20% off.If you're less about status and more about proving yourself as the toughest son of a biscuit (hey now, just because we're criminals doesn't mean we need to cuss), I'd suggest checking out the two new Inch by Inch maps. read more

Spider-Man: Homecoming won't have Michael Keaton as the villain

Yesterday we learned that Robert Downey Jr.We've lost Michael Keaton's villain. read more

Game of Thrones drinks

If you're having a Game of Thrones party this weekend to celebrate the return of season 6 (and why wouldn't you?And then we've given them Game of Thrones-themed names to make them sound cooler. read more

Cavern Tavern Worker Placement Game Up On Kickstarter

For those that don’t know, Fazoli’s is (“was?Thankfully, playing Cavern Tavern is much more fun and exciting than actually working at a tavern. read more

Mafia 3 might help open-world crime reach its true potential

But, RPGs aside, the physical scope of the open-world game hasn’t developed in tandem with any healthy expansion of intent.Because that’s all that most open-world games ever invite us to do. read more

Why I Love: bonfires in Dark Souls

And nothing symbolises this quite so clearly as the bonfire in Souls games.) But what if you hate Dark Souls? read more

Game of Thrones officially renewed for season 7 - This is my shocked face.

There are some shows that wait until the very last second to announce if they have been cancelled or if they are getting another season.We all knew it was coming, but on the eve of the show's sixth season HBO have made it official; Game of Thrones has been renewed for season 7. read more

Belly of the Beast RPG Kickstarter Running Now

That’s also the story behind Belly of the Beast, a new RPG that’s up on Kickstarter now.And that’s just what you get in this RPG. read more

Colorful Witcher 3 Blood & Wine DLC screens have queens, bugs, and 'shrooms

The final expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Blood & Wine, takes place in a land called Toussaint, and it's unlike anything we've seen our hero Geralt explore.Inspired by western Europe architecture and culture, there's far more color and fanciful decor to be seen here than in the relatively dour-by-comparison Northern Realms. read more

Game of Thrones drinking game

If the start of season 6 feels like an event worth celebrating more than your own birthday, you might want to gather your friends together for the first episode and play the Game of Thrones drinking game.If we know HBO, you'll need plenty of booze to get through all the deaths in the season opener. read more

Doctor Panic Now Available From Asmodee

I’ve seen things, man… I won’t go into detail, just in case any of you are have eaten recently (or are currently eating), but suffice to say I’ve seen just about it all.Thankfully, none of the things in Doctor Panic are anatomically correct. read more