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Doctor Panic Now Available From Asmodee

I’ve seen things, man… I won’t go into detail, just in case any of you are have eaten recently (or are currently eating), but suffice to say I’ve seen just about it all.Thankfully, none of the things in Doctor Panic are anatomically correct. read more

New PS4.5/NEO & Xbox One upgrade details, & The Division's bugs: The News Show

It's News Show time.This week we've rounded up all the rumours surrounding the potential release of upgraded PS4 and new Xbox Ones - which the case of Sony included some allegeded specs, while Microsoft are supposedly testing a variety of protoypes. read more

New Space Wolf Upgrade Kits Available From Forge World

So I went with some Space Wolves for a while.I wish these parts had been available back when I played, I would’ve used them if I could. read more

This new Gears Of War 4 multiplayer trailer is all about the gore

This new look seems to be taking the always OTT violence to almost laugh out loud levels of hurt as enemies get splatted and sawn across a bunch off new maps and modes.Take a look:  Pretty much classic Gears then, only with a few new tricks - those vault kick and yank moves look like shaking up the usually entrenched cover system. read more

New Tank And A Theater Book Bundle Deal For Bolt Action From Warlord Games

Two related items coming from Warlord Games today in relation to Bolt Action.First off they’ve got a new tank, the IS3, also know as “the most powerful tank in the world” available to order. read more

Check out the (half built) Guardians of the Galaxy set with Chris Pratt

We're still a long way away from seeing any official footage of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.The actor gave us a great tour of the Guardians 2 set last month, but apparently Pratt didn't show us everything as he's back with another hilarious video. read more

The company behind PS4 & Xbox’s one chips are making three new… things

In a recent investor call  (via ArsTechnica) it’s now talking about making three more gaming chips suggest some sort of new consoles are on the way.They have three new console chips on the way. read more

Game of Thrones season 6 images tease Arya, Cersei, Daenerys, and more

In case you hadn't heard, Game of Thrones returns to our TV screens this weekend with its season six premiere, and lately HBO has been working hard to get us excited (it didn't take much effort).The latest tease comes in the form of nine new images, which you can check out below. read more

Amazon seem to be experimenting with a Prime-only paywall for games

Pop over to Amazon and you’ll currently find a few games that are now only purchasable if you have a Prime membership.Although there is a logic: if The Division or Dark Souls 3 suddenly became a ‘Prime Exclusive’ people would likely be getting pretty upset about now. read more

Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location, April 22 - 24. Monte Carlo!

Xur, Destiny’s weekend trader, amateur pigeon fancier, and vintage traction engine enthusiast, is back.He’s in Tower North this week, throwing bits of orange peel at The Speaker’s Tower and refusing to explain why. read more

21 things you need to know about Game of Thrones season 6

Never fear though, we've got a list of everything you need to know about season 6.Predictably, given Game Of Thrones’ predilection for killing every mother flipper in the room, there were a lot of dead – or presumed dead – folk at the end of season five. read more

Sony aren’t sure there will be a PS5

And I was like, ‘whoa, are you willing to say that on a stage?It was a really interesting thing and he didn’t give me a clear answer but he’s hinting at ‘we ned to be more agile. read more

The Division has patched out that damage stacking bug

Good news for people trying to play The Division properly: Ubi has deployed a hot fix to address the talent stacking bug that turned up the other day.It’s also fixed an issue where players could double revive others by holding the button down. read more

The 10 best PS4 deals available right now

We've got you covered with this up-to-date buyer's guide that covers everything from the basic console to the best bundle deals right now.GamesRadar+ has our lists of the best PS4 games out right now and the upcoming PS4 titles that will be released in the near future - in case you need some suggestions on which games to pick up. read more

New Independence Day 2 trailer features Will Smith

A new trailer has dropped for Independence Day: Resurgence featuring Will Smith, but before you get too excited, he's only in photograph form.As you can see, it's not just Dubrow's relationship with his father that's explored here. read more

"No matter how awesome Star Wars is, we don't need another one"

The first principle was established when Hutchinson left his native Australia in 2003 for a job in the US, working for one of the industry's most brilliant minds.In fact, Hutchinson said, "he really didn't play a lot of games, and historically you might say that would be a problem. read more

Yo-kai Sangokushi stays Japan's #1

There was only one new entry in the Japanese software chart top ten this week and that was Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition at 8.Yo-kai Sangokushi was the top the chart again this week with close to 42,000 units sold. read more

Gumi withdraws from Canada, Germany, Sweden

[UPDATE]: Gumi cut a lot deeper than just the Vancouver office.A representative confirmed for GamesIndustry. read more

Alex St. John: Shut up and be grateful for your 80 hour weeks

[Update] By now you've probably all read Alex St.They complain that the long hours and personal sacrifices great games require are a consequence of poor management. read more

Nazara invests in Mastermind Sports

The latest, which is what caught the eye of Nazara CEO Manish Agarwal, is Cricbet, which allows players to stake virtual coins on various events in the match, such as the next wicket, boundary or or runs in the next over.Cricket is a hugely popular sport in India, but real money betting is illegal nationwide, so cricbet hopes to harness some of the passion for the sport and allow people the thrill of gambling without the associated dangers. read more